Organic Good Foods WIN the DAY & NIGHT!



My Good Food Friends –

The Story trailer:

Change Your Food – Change Your Life! was asked to present a program about healthy eating to the Students, Faculty and Staff of THE EVERGREEN STATE COLLEGE Tacoma Campus.

As ONLY  Change Your Food – Change Your Life! can, we presented an empowering, positive, spirited, entertaining, FUN and encouraging Show that inspires HEALTHY EATING. In two power-punched 55-minute Shows, we delivered the Message of how to feel GOOD from the inside out with

Song …


Story …


Testimonial …


… and lots of FREE Organic Good Foods.


The Message was received!:

“You were an inspiration.” – Student

“Your message needs to be told … over and over again … to EVERYONE!” – Student

The FULL Story:

It was our HONOR to have had the opportunity to present The Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Show to the Students, Faculty and Staff of THE EVERGREEN STATE COLLEGE Tacoma Campus.

190 College Students, their Faculty and Staff KNOW  MORE about Organic Good Foods on April 22nd than they did on April 21st!





“I now know  where you and Pastor Wyatt get ALL YOUR ENERGY and I WANT some too … and now  I KNOW HOW to get it! Thank you!” – Student

Francis Solomon, PhD, was in the Audience for the Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Show we presented to the Children’s Environmental Health Working Group in June last year at the Washington Park Arboretum.

9 Dr. Solomon in burgundy jacket

Dr. Solomon is a Professor at THE EVERGREEN STATE COLLEGE Tacoma Campus. She was so taken by my and Pastor Gary L. Wyatt’s “extraordinary performance”, that she soooo chatted up our Show to the Tacoma Campus Director, Tyrus Smith, PhD, that Change Your Food – Change Your Life! was invited to do TWO Shows, like Vegas, one at 10AM and one at 6PM, so that ALL the Students, Faculty and Staff could take it in!

Well, Change Your Food – Change Your Life! and Organic Good Foods WON THE DAY & NIGHT!

We inspired the Audience with our STORIES, SONGS and TESTIMONIALS of the JOY and VIBRANT GOOD HEALTH Organic Good Foods can bring into their lives!

“EAT GOOD=FEEL GOOD. That’s the equation for livin’ the good life! And I’ll tell you what… I’ve never felt better in my life. I feel the way I was designed to feel, the way I was meant to feel. Very few people ever feel the way they were designed to feel… the way they should feel … every day. And I’ll tell you, once you know how you were designed to feel, how you should feel, how good you can feel, you’ll do anything and everything to preserve, defend and protect that genuine sense of well-being. It is absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!

There ain’t nothin’ like it! It’s to CELEBRATE! You’ll want to SHOUT … I feeeeel good like I knew that I could … I feel nice, like sugar and spice! I’ve got more energy, more spirit than any 5 year old that you’ve seen jumpin’ straight up and down with unbridled excitement!

You DO feel THAT GOOD! It’s LIFE  worth LIVING!”

And we LOVED the Audience: FULL of energy, enthusiasm, comments and questions.

The ENERGY  in the room was on high! Pastor Gary L. Wyatt singin’ GO-O to ’em from his keyboard … just picture the Audience in his hand!


My long-time Good Food Friend, Trudy Bialic, Spokesperson, PCC Natural Markets, and past Editor of PCC’s widely circulated Newspaper SOUND CONSUMER, describes The Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Show: “Might as well plan on diving into the crowd afterward!   They will want to carry you around on their hands. You have bested Ringling in the art of public engagement – serious info presented as fun!”

We were quite moved by the from-the heart standing ovations given us after the 10AM and 6PM Shows.


Pastor Wyatt and I were movin’ so fast sharin’ The Organic Good Food News with such high-energy as our Good Food Friend, Morganic Coffinger, describes it, “A high-vibe Show!”, that we shook the camera. So, try as our picture-taker might, there are very few pics of either one of us in focus except when we were standing STILL!







Because as we say, “The real benefit of making Organic Good Food Choices is your energy level. I get up in the morning and take a breath and my energy level comes right up to the top and stays that way all day long. There are no peaks and valleys, dips and doodles… and it’s not a nervous energy, not an anxious energy … at the snap of a finger I can daydream. My energy level is reliable, dependable and constant. And, in fact, at the end of the day, my dear Sue has to say… ‘Dennis, Dennis it’s time to go to sleep now.’ I have to consciously end my day. How many of you have an energy level like that… day in, day out, every day!

Well … change your food, change your life and get up there with us. We’ll tell you how and we’ll even get you started today! Just look right in your swag bag!”

And as one Student commented after The Show, “Thank you for this evening. You had a great message, but it is your ENERGY that sold it!”

In a FUN Audience participation segment, I ask, “Who’s a good out-loud reader?” I go over to a raised hand and give them this to read:

Ingredients: Water, sugar, enriched bleached flour (wheat flour, niacin, ferrous sulfate, thiamin, riboflavin, folic acid), vegetable oil (palm, soy-bean, mono&diglycerides, polysorbate 60), eggs, vegetable shortening (palm &/or soybean oil, propylene glycol, mono&diesters of fatty acids, mono & diglycerides, soy lecithin, BHT), corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, nonfat milk solids, egg whites, wheat starch, modified food starch (corn, tapioca), sodium bicarbonate, salt, dextrose, acidic sodium aluminum phosphate, natural & artificial flavor, sodium acid pyrophosphate, emulsifier (monoglycerides, propylene glycol, monoesters, sodium stearoyl lactylate, calcium silicate), dextrin, carnauba wax, confectioner’s glaze, gum arabic, rice flour, cornstarch, guar gum, xanthan gum, phosphoric acid, preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate), monocalcium phosphate, artificial colors (red 3&40, yellow 5&6, blue 1) lakes (red 40, yellow 6, Blue 2). May contain FD&C colors blue 2, lakes (red 3, yellow 5, blue 1). Contains: wheat, egg, milk and soy.



And as their tongue gets tangled on some of those ‘ingredients’, a good laugh is had by all!

If you know what this non-organic concoction is, write me. I PROMISE I WON’T SEND IT  to the winner!

“Who wants to make a poor food confession? Who of you has wandered into a Chevron FOOD Mart lookin’ for food? Find any? Well, take this $15.00 Gift Card and wander on down the street to STADIUM THRIFTWAY get yourself some Organic GOOD FOOD!”


“My Good Food Friend and Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Artist Ambassador, Pastor Gary L. Wyatt, is the Pastor of the baddest Church in Tacoma, SureHouse!  Where you ALWAYS  FEEL BETTER WHEN YOU LEAVE THAN WHEN YOU ARRIVED! And that’s how it’s supposed to work, isn’t it! Well, he may be a Nationally recognized Gospel Artist, having written a few over 1000 songs and Produced and Starred in a couple dozen CDs, DVDs and Vidoes, been on TV and the Seattle Symphony, Pastored all ‘round the World, but when I first met Pastor Wyatt, what he knew about Organics is that it started with an ‘O’!”

“Several years back, Dennis brought me some Organic Good Food and told me some Stories. He brought me some more Organic Good Food and told me some more Stories. ALWAYS the STORIES! I KNEW my change was comin’! So I wrote a song for Change Your Food – Change Your Life! called ‘Til My Change Comes. It tells of HOPE, HEALTH and A GOOD LIFE AHEAD. ‘Til My Change Comes turns out to be a brand new genre, GOOD HEALTH GOSPEL. In fact, we filmed LIVE ‘Til My Change Comes for the final track on my “Impeccable Worship” DVD … Dennis and I have done a couple of Radio Shows and TV Shows introducing GOOD HEALTH GOSPEL to a wide Audience. We even filmed LIVE ‘Our BIG LIVE Radio Show!


So, I want to Prophesize to someone this mornin’ that there is a change comin’ … I want you to turn to your neighbor and tell them, there is a change coming!”

The music track comes up and then LIVE, ‘Til My Change Comes

And at the right artistic mark during the song, Pastor Wyatt goes over and speaks directly to an Audience Member and says, “Make your change … here’s a $15 Gift Card from STADIUM THRIFTWAY!”

“To get you started on your Journey of Discovery and Good Health, your Swag Bags were FILLED



with Gifts of Good Health from our Organic Good Food Company Friends at …

bionaturæ® Organic Whole Grain and Gluten-Free Pastas and jovial® FOODS Organic Ancient Grain EINKORN and Gluten-Free Pastas. If I hadn’t told you some were Gluten-Free Pastas, you wouldn’t have known, ‘cause they’re just GOOD PASTAS!



And that EINKORN Ancient Grain by jovial® is interesting. When Ötzi the Icemanwas discovered 5,000 years later in the Italian Alps, his last meal had been preserved and contained EINKORN Wheat. jovial® Foods has propagated enough EINKORN Ancient Grain to bring it to market and to your plate. EINKORN is Wheat as Wheat WAS at the very beginning of agriculture, the FIRST domesticated from wild by humans at the very beginning of agriculture!


bionaturæ® and jovial® FOODS are sister Italian Companies and are REAL PASTA MAKERS! MOST pastas are formed using stainless steel or Teflon® lined extruding equipment, producing a smooth and slippery pasta surface. bionaturæ® and jovial® use age-old bronze which roughens the surface just a bit and holds that olive oil and pasta sauce right where it should be!


Those jovial® Cookies are made with EINKORN Ancient Grains, too: Crispy Cocoa, Checkerboard and Ginger Spice! Dip one of those in an ice-cold glass of Organic Milk!


CROFTER’S® ORGANIC Fruit Spreads. Know why they’re called Fruit Spreads? They can’t be called jams, jellies or preserves because CROFTER’S® ORGANIC Fruit Spreads have TOO MUCH FRUIT and NOT ENOUGH SUGAR! And THE VARIETIES given away that night … our Good food Friends at CROFTER’S® ORGANIC really put on quite the spread (pun intended): Morello Cherry, Concord Grape, Blackberry, Pomegranate, Wild Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Apricot and Super Fruit!



DOCTOR KRACKER® Krackers … that’s our Doctor! All FOOD, only FOOD, real FOOD, WHOLE FOOD, make ya grow up big and strong! The SEEDLANDER with a smear of Organic Peanut Butter … oh, YEAH! The KLASSIC 3 SEED with a dollop of CROFTER’S® ORGANIC Strawberry Fruit Spread … that’s about all you need in life! The PUMPKIN SEED CHEDDAR … JUST AS IS … or with a nice Organic Cabernet.









UliMana™ Primitive Raw Organic Dark Chocolate Truffles are WHOLE, RAW, LIVE FOODS! No difference between them and a carrot. They’ll both take you to that same healthy place! In fact, there are more antioxidants in Organic Chocolate than there are in Organic Carrots! And then some FUN with the Audience as I said: “You know how your Dr. Tyrus Smith is ALWAYS  talking to you about COMMUNITY and SHARING (And everyone nodded their heads in agreement!). Who of you got those UliMana™ Dark Chocolate Peppermint Truffles? Hold your hands up. Pastor, SEE who they are? Well, those Peppermint Truffles are Pastor Wyatt’s FAVORITE … so THERE’LL be some REAL COMMUNITY SHARING right after the Show!”



UNITED With EARTH Organic Medjool Dates are the SWEETEST, SOFTEST, MOISTEST DATES you’ve ever tasted! Medjool Dates are considered the ‘diamond’ of dates, and are THE ORIGINAL Superfood, going back thousands of years! You’ve seen those open boxes of dates in the Store, and they kinda make you wonder who touched ‘em before you got there? Well, not to worry, ‘cause UNITED With EARTH Organic Medjool Dates are sold in SEALED containers! Our Good Food Friend and Founder of UNITED With EARTH, Daryoush Davidi, is all jacked-up over dates … his WHOLE WORLD is DATES.  Do you know where he proposed to his Wife … well, OF COURSE, under a DATE TREE!!!!



REDMOND RealSalt® Nature’s First Sea Salt™.Pure as the driven snow! If you think about it …. an open ocean sea salt … whatever pollution is in the air is in the water is in the open-ocean sea salt. Well, REDMOND RealSalt® Nature’s First Sea Salt™ is mined from an ancient inland sea that was capped and sealed by volcanic action thousands of years ago before there was such a thing as pollution! They break it off the mine face in these gorgeous pearlescent clusters, crush it and put in right in the shakers. Not even rinsed. Brings up all the Earth’s trace minerals. REDMOND RealSalt® is salt as FOOD!



UNCLE MATT’S® Organic Orange Juice is the sweetest, smoooooothest with no-citric-bite EVER!  It’s his family’s patented recipe of Organic Heirloom Hamlin and Valencia Oranges. You can’t buy Hamlins in the Store. There’s no shelf-life, just made for juicing. So, those Hamlins and Valencias come right off UNCLE MATT’S trees, smooshed and into the bottle!



ONE DEGREE Organic Foods – Every ingredient has a story. Sprouted Whole Grain Cereals. Sprouting makes whole grains easier to digest and releases vitamins and minerals making them more readily available for your body’s use! But the REALLY COOL thing about ONE DEGREE  is a QR Code on every package, and when scanned, it takes the viewer to the FARM from where the cereal begins! Here’s a FUN one right off a ONE DEGREE  box about our Good Food Friends at REDMOND RealSalt® Nature’s First Sea Salt™


Those TORIE & HOWARD® Organic Hard Candies are worth every moment they’re in your mouth! And such inventive varieties: d’anjou Pear & Cinnamon, Pomegranate & Nectarine, Blood Orange & Honey, Pink Grapefruit & Tupelo Honey.



“How’s about an affirmation right about now. Who NOW is going to be shopping for some Organic Good Foods? Well, take this Gift Card from MARLENE’S MARKET & DELI and make yourself some Organic Good Food Choices!”


“Why is it SO IMPORTANT to know  HOW to LIVE The Organic Good Food Life?

… it’s so that you can walk RIGHT PAST ALL the ads and ALL the magazines in EVERY store … an EVER GREATER NUMBER of magazines whose covers are EMBLAZONED with diet gimmicks … so that TELEVISION ADS enticing you with a magical, mystical quick fix won’t tempt you … and so that RADIO COME-ONS won’t excite you with their product, pill and potion talk!

Change your food, change your life … begin LIVING The Organic Good Food Life and the rest of your life just may be the BEST of your life! You’ll have no anxiety. You’ll feel better than when you began … you’ll probably look better, have more energy and be a few pounds lighter! Well then …why not … ” I turn to Pastor Wyatt and Pastor Wyatt immediately finishes it with “CHANGE YOUR FOOD … CHANGE YOUR LIFE … FOREVER!!!!!!” and then goes right into … LIVE from his keyboard … and takes ‘em on home with GO-O!

After all the SONGS, STORIES, TESTIMONIALS, GIFT CARDS, RANTS, RIFFS and non-organic poor food throwaways, “Ya can’t trust the Quaker!,” “Six Sinister Sulfites – The Story of Two Apricots,” “When a bean is not a BEAN!,” and “If you buy non-organic MISSION® Flour Tortillas, always buy two packs, one for your kitchen and one for your bathroom!”, we end with this:

“We would hope you all took today’s comments seriously because they affect the quality of your life … its livability! Change Your Food – Change Your Life! … it’s fun, it’s easy, it’s simple and it is DELISH!  It’s not a diet, you’re not denied, you’re not deprived and you certainly don’t lack for a variety of tastes and textures … there are 1000’s of healthful, wholesome Organic Good Foods you’ll find on you’re Journey of Discovery and Good Health.

HONOR yourself by making 100% Organic Good Food Choices. Make this commitment to yourself today … accept nothing less than 100% Organic Good Food Choices from here on out. And if you do, over the years … GUARANTEED … you’ll thank yourself over and over and over again for having made the decision.

So, we wish each and every one of you our very, very best … and that you may find your GOOD HEALTH and HAPPINESS as we have. And we thank you. TO YOUR HEALTH!

The Evergreen State College Tacoma Campus has a wonderful, and quite moving, Tradition called Give-Back. After the Guest Lecturer, Presenter, or in our case, a SHOW, you’re asked to sit in a chair in front of the Audience as they are then asked by their Campus Director, Dr. Tryus Smith, to comment directly on what they heard, how they might incorporate what they heard into their life, how they may incorporate what they heard in their chosen profession.

“You were an inspiration.”

“You have changed my life. THANK YOU!”

“You raised our level of consciousness … now we have to make a decision, have to make our minds up to do something about it!

“I’ve seen Organics in stores and used to walk right by them, won’t do that anymore!”

“God works in mysterious ways. Driving up to Campus this evening, I was talking about my weight and about how I need to change my diet, but didn’t know how or where to start. And THEN I heard The Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Show. NOW I know!”

“Your message was the most important and best presentation of the year.” – Evergreen State College Tacoma Campus Professor.

“I never knew all the stuff that was in non- organic products.”

“I’ll take the 30 day challenge, I started with organic eggs and now I want to move on because of you.”

“Your message needs to be told … over and over again … to EVERYONE!”

“Changed my whole perspective on ‘food’. THANK YOU!”

“I want to change while I still can!”

“Thank you for bringing this message to our community. It is much needed.”

A FUN one: Everyone got a Swag Bag full of Organic Good Food Gifts of Good Health upon arriving for the Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Show.


So a Student stands up, holding high a box of jovial® FOODS EINKORN Ancient Grain Checkerboard Cookies and says, “Thanks for the picnic!”, causing a BIG, ROUSING ROUND OF APPLAUSE for ALL the Organic Good Foods!


We had been invited to stay at Pastor Wyatt’s beautiful Guest House after the Shows rather than having to drive back to Seattle that evening.

Pastor Wyatt had a surprise all set up when he greeted us the next morning, saying we’re going to do something FUN: An on-the-spot reality video around their kitchen table! His Wife, Cheryl, turned on the Video camera and … it was LIVE as it HAPPENED!    No edits or do-overs!  ENJOY! 


To Your Health!

Dennis L. Weaver, MBA, GFG


Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™


CELEBRATING Organic Good Foods @



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