An ADULT V8® Juice!

My ADULT V8 Juice!

My Good Food Friends –

Juicing Fresh, LIVE  Organic Good Food Fruits & Vegetables is the one best thing you can do for you and your family’s OVERALL GOOD HEALTH. PERIOD!

The Juice of Fresh, LIVE  Organic Good Food Fruits & Vegetables contains those wonderful enzymes you may have read about somewhere. And enzymes are the very spark of  LIFE itself!

That Fresh, LIVE  Organic Good Food Fruit & Vegetable Juice supports, sustains life. It’s your FUEL. It is your source of vigor and vitality… it’s life-giving. It’ll give you the vim and vigor to get on with life, to look forward to life, to be able to participate in life … rather than having to struggle to just simply get through life. If, by making non-organic, processed, poor food product choices you’re overweight, lethargic, you’re head hurts, your ears ring, your nose runs, your stomach is upset, your knees ache and you’ve got a sewer system for a blood flow… I’ll throw in with you, it’d be tough just gettin’ through  life.

The Juice of Fresh, LIVE  Organic Good Food Fruits & Vegetables is absolutely DELISH, and as they say, sooooooo GOOD for you, too! So, put down that contrived 5-hour ENERGY® drink and pick up your JUICE POWER  HOURS! Don’t jack your body, FUEL it!

You can smack a horse on the ass with a 2×4 and it’ll run … fast. You can do that over and over again, and the horse will run fast every time … for a while. Then it will die. No fuel.

My ADULT V8 Juice!

My ADULT V8® Juice!


Carrots – 2

Celery Stalks – 2

Broccoli Base – 3”

Beet – 1/3 Medium Red Beet

Kale – 3 big leaves

Wheatgrass – Cut 1/3 of Pint Container

Parsley – Small bunch

Filtered Water – 1 Cup

BRAGG® Liquid Aminos – 1/4 Cup

BRAGG® Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar -1/2 Cup

THE WIZARD’S™ Worcestershire Sauce – 1Tbsp

Ice cubes – 8

In a Vitamix®, blend 1 minute

Makes 36oz of PURE FUEL, PURE LIFE!

TIP: If you ENJOY this 100% Organic Good Food Vegetable Juice about three times a week, you’ll grow up to be just like me!


O’s UP, Baby!

To Your Health!

Dennis L. Weaver, MBA, GFG • Founder/President/Producer

Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™, Inc.


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  1. “Thanks!” Andrea Giang | Cooking with a Wallflower, MuseBoxx, Nami Naturals and Christian Mihai for choosing to ‘follow’ after reading “An ADULT V8® Juice!”

    ‘Juice’ a big glass of GOOD HEALTH for yourselves and ENJOY its BENEFITS!

    To Your Health!

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