Blame it on The Blend, baby!


My Good Food Friends –

Step aside Tropicana®, Simply Orange®, Red Bull®, Muscle Milk®, VITA COCO®, Monster Energy® and ALL the other non-organic Juice/Beverage Makers!  UNCLE MATT’S® Organic Orange Mango Juice is coming down your road and knockin’ on your door!

Here comes The Mango Tango!


I have known and loved MR. Frank will knock ya down Brown and The Legendary Funk/Soul/Blues/R&B/Rock Band SEPTIMUS for many years.

2               3

4                 5

A couple of months ago, I was at Frank’s Studio running through some Organic Good Food song ideas. I had just happened to have brought him a couple bottles of ice-cold UNCLE MATT’S® Organic Orange Juice for our get together. I mentioned a new blend, Orange Mango, and Frank started immediately started hittin’ a beat and called it The Mango Tango. Then came, “It’s the blend, baby!”, then HOTTER to, “Blame it on the Blend, baby!”

Three weeks later, I was at his Studio and SEPTIMUS was layin’ down the final baseline for The Mango Tango. At the Studio, when they were really hittin’ it, some people came down from upstairs and started to dance!

‘Certifying’ UNCLE MATT’S® with the holy grail of COOL!


What better venue than a full house on a Friday night to debut The Mango Tango  and to begin the National Dance Craze with a Contest, Doin’  The Mango Tango!

The House of Hong was crushed, smashed and set on fire!

My friends, MR. Frank will knock ya down Brown and The Legendary  SEPTIMUS,

7              7a


8         9

with Frank’s personal  Special Guest, Sammy Drain, THE CHILDHOOD FRIEND  of Jimi Hendrix himself,


11      12


and The Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Good Food Girl, Natasha,



wrapped the holy grail of COOL right around UNCLE MATT’S®!

Believe me, it was an A-List EVENT with one HOT test-drive of The Mango Tango!

King County Councilmember Larry Gossett was there, ENJOYED a glass of ice-cold UNCLE MATT’S® Orange Mango and almost  danced to The Mango Tango!  Yeah, it was THAT HOT!

On the last note, Frank asked, “Well, what do you think … did you like it?” And from across the room, “Hell YEAH!” And, “It’s the blend, baby!”, “Where can I get that Matt’s JUICE?”, “WOW! THAT’S smooth! I can see myself drinkin’ THAT!”

Sammy Drain, who knows a little somethin’ about music, thought the beat was a driver and went on to say, “THAT’S a COOL commercial!”

Our Videographer!



And Friday night, after just one high-energy play though of The Mango Tango (Click on the FUN, short Video) , whenever I would get up and walk around all I had to do is kinda point to someone and they’d respond with a wink and a “Blame it on the Blend, baby!”

Here’s the WINNER of the FIRST Dance Contest. A Mom with two dancin’ kids! They were moving so fast this is as clear as the pics get! I think my friend Matt McLean, THE  actual UNCLE in UNCLE MATT’S®, will send her some ‘Official’ UNCLE MATT’S® stuff, too.

18     19

A contingent of Chinese Nationalists just happened to be there. And one of them just couldn’t get enough of The Mango Tango,



so Frank came off-stage and danced with her!! So, as I write, they’re on a plane to Peking with an “I’M ON THE JUICE!” T-shirt,

21  22   1a

a jug of UNCLE MATT’S® Orange Mango and Video memories FOREVER!




And OF COURSE, two of THE STARS  get photo-bombed!



GOOD night!

          24a   24b



To Your Health!

Dennis L. Weaver, MBA, GFG


Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™, Inc.


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