The Story of Mary and Jane

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The Story of Mary and Jane

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Here’s a jar of MOTT’S® Original Applesauce Since 1842  and here’s a jar of Santa Cruz® Apple Sauce. They both say ‘Applesauce/Apple Sauce’ right on the front of the label, A-p-p-l-e S-a-u-c-e!  Spelled the same and everything. So hey, what could be the difference, huh.

Well, the MOTT’S® Original Applesauce Since 1842  is non-organic, and its ingredients are non-organic apples, high fructose corn syrup and water. And there’s a couple of label lies right there! In 1842 there was no such a thing as non-organic agriculture … and there certainly was no high fructose corn syrup!

The Santa Cruz® is ORGANIC and its INGREDIENT  is Organic Apples!

But the real kicker is … two people sit down for a little ½ cup bowl of applesauce. One person has the Organic Good Food Apple Sauce, and the other has the non-organic poor food applesauce product. The person enjoying the Santa Cruz® ORGANIC Apple Sauce gets up having enjoyed 60 calories of Organic Apples … the person that ate the MOTT’S® non-organic applesauce gets up having taken in 110 calories of a mix of non-organic apples, high fructose corn syrup and water!

Now here’s what that means … The Story of Mary and Jane. Mary and Jane are 18 and just graduate from high school. They live identical lives … similar jobs, similar neighborhoods, the same kind of boyfriends, the same choices of exercise, hobbies, sports and activities ANDexactly  the same amount of applesauce every day. The only difference in their entire lives is that Mary makes the Organic Good Food Choice and Jane makes the non-organic poor food product choice. Well, Jane gains on Mary 50 calories a day, 350 calories a week … a mere tenth of a pound, 1.6oz.  And 1.6oz spread all over you … well … you’d never even notice it! However, the gain is 5.2 POUNDS for the year.

Mary and Jane live their identical lives over the years after graduation … except for that daily little ½ cup bowl of Organic and non-organic applesauce.

The years fly by, and now Mary and Jane go to their 10th Year High School Reunion PARTY. And NOW you’re gonna SEE  who ate what! Everyone still wants to dance with Mary. But Jane … they’re pointing at … she’s gained nearly 50 pounds!

So if just one non-organic poor food product choice makes this little Story work, just imagine where a lifetime of non-organic poor food product choices would take you!


To Your Health!

Dennis L. Weaver, MBA, GFG


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