Dancin’ to THE GOOD STUFF!



My Good Food Friends –

The calm before the storm!


Ann Tu is THE Manager of The House of Hong www.houseofhong.com. She saw the FUN we had during our last two Rockin’ THE BLEND  nights, Blame it on THE BLEND, baby! and Rockin’ THE BLEND!, so she wanted to be the Good Food Girl this time. In addition to the FUN, the EXCITEMENT, the ENERGY and the “Thank yous” for helping to pour sweet UNCLE MATT’S® Organic Orange Mango Juice, it includes a BIG Band HUG!


We just hope The House of Hong can get a Re-building Permit ‘cause we burned it down Doin’  the Mango Tango on Saturday Night!

Turn the lights down. Let’s get this PARTY started!




Doin’ the Mango Tango!

Halftime SHOW

Presented  by: Change Your Food – Change Your Life!


Frank Brown and The Legendary  Funk/Soul/Blues/R&B/Rock Band, SEPTIMUS

Saturday Night, December 6, 2014

The House of Hong, Seattle, WA

FRANK BROWN: Let me bring up my friend, Dennis Weaver, Founder, Change Your Food – Change Your Life!

DENNIS L. WEAVER: How abut this  SEPTIMUS, huh! (Lots and lots of clapping and yelling and whistling!) And how about THIS!! I’m using Coleman Brown’s personal mic. HOT, huh. I’m honored!

 A Good Food Rriend of ours in Clermont, FL, UNCLE MATT, grows and makes the sweetest, smooooothest Orange Juice you’ve EVER TASTED! He just introduced a new BLEND of Orange Mango Juice. So, my long-time friend, MR. Frank will knock ya down Brown and The Legendary Funk/Soul/Blues/R&B/Rock Band, SEPTIMUS, wrote a brand new HIT song to CELEBRATE it, called The Mango Tango!  Blame it on THE BLEND, baby!

Hope you all ENJOYED that smooth UNCLE MATT’S® Organic Orange Mango Juice we poured for you. It’s THE BLEND, baby!

How about a round of applause for Ann Tu who helped us with its pouring. You know, SHE runs this place! (Lots of clapping!) Thanks, Ann!

We’re also starting a National Dance Craze called Doin’  The Mango Tango! And tonight we’re having ANOTHER qualifying round. The first Winner was a trio, Virginia with her two young Sons. The second was Johnae B. I love her e-mail address. Very COOL: it’s a jb thang!

And, soon, we’re going to have a WINNER tonight!

We’re going to march this Doin’ The Mango Tango right across the USA and come up with a NATIONAL WINNER. And since we’re from Seattle, we’ll probably Showcase the WINNER dancin’ on the promenade at Alki Beach on a HOT Summer night to SEPTIMUS – LIVE!!!!!!! Now, THAT’S A PARTY!

And if you’d like to follow SEPTIMUS and The Mango Tango, we have an e-mail signup sheet right over there at my table … the one with a bottle of UNCLE MATT’S® Orange Mango on it!

Hey, SEPTIMUS, can you give ‘em a little taste of The Mango Tango so they’ll know what they’ll be dancin’ to? (SEPTIMUS gives ‘em a few HOT bars of The Mango Tango)

Frank, tell ‘em what you KNOW  will make ‘em dance!

FB: (Tells the Story about the Orange Mango dancin’  in your mouth, so all you have to do is LET your feet DANCE to it!)

DLW: Hey, SEPTIMUS, can you give Virginia a little somthin’ so she can show us her WINNING moves? (SEPTIMUS gives her several HOT bars so we can see those moves!) 

DLW: So, are you ready Dancers? Come on up. Now’s not the time to be shy.

Are you ready SEPTIMUS? (SEPTIMUS gives ‘em a few more HOT bars of The Mango Tango)

We got a couple of “I’m On THE JUICE!” Ts and a jug of UNCLE MATT’S® Juice just waitin’ for someone!

Ann and I and SEPTIMUS and the Audience will be watching, and by Audience APPLAUSE, we’ll have a WINNER! 

So …. DANCERS …. are you READY!!!

SEPTIMUS … we  KNOW you’re READY!!!


5          6

    7          8 

9         10



UNCLE MATT’S® Organic Orange Mango Juice is soooooooo GOOD that you’ve just got to drink it right out of the jug on the DANCE FLOOR!


      13a      14a



     16       17

     17a       18


You’ll remember Beth from the last Story, Rockin’ THE BLEND!  Well, we just HAPPENED TO HAVE another Bottle of her NOW FAV  UNCLE MATT’S® Organic Orange Mango Juice! So, here she is AGAIN! “Come here, baby, let me hold you tight!” (Does anybody EVER  hug their non-organic orange juice?)


The Mango Tango Story continues!

Our friends, MR. Frank will knock ya down Brown and The Legendary  Funk/Soul/Blues/R&B/Rock Band, SEPTIMUS, had a little gig at The Lake Chad Café, a very cozy and intimate Café/Lounge.  Their appearance wasn’t a part of any UNCLE MATT’S® Doin’  The Mango Tango promo as we’ve done before.  There were no CYF-CYL! Good Food Girls, no GIFT bottles of UNCLE MATT’S® Organic Orange Mango Juice, no “I’M On THE JUICE!” Ts, no glowing mint green UNCLE MATT’S® insulated carriers on the Stage.  SEPTIMUS was there just as SEPTIMUS, that evening’s entertainment.  And I was there simply to personally ENJOY  SEPTIMUS.  Well, about two songs into their first set, they announced, “How about a little Mango Tango!”  And about four bars into their hittin’ The Mango Tango, EVERYBODY got up and danced!  You can’t sit still to it! SEPTIMUS has played The Mango Tango at a couple of other venues, just as one more song in their play list, and THE SAME THING happened – EVERYBODY gets up and dances!

So, get your dance MOVES workin’ for our NEXT appearance!


To Your Health!

Dennis L. Weaver, MBA, GFG


Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™, Inc.


Visit our Good Food Friends @


CELEBRATING Organic Good Foods with


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