ORGANICOLOGY, Sandals® style!


My Good Food Friends –

The HAPPIEST  Registrars EVER!!!!!


ORGANICOLOGY 2015 – It’s THE BEST  Conference and Trade Show, ‘cause once you pay the freight, just like a Sandals® Resort, it’s ALL-INCLUSIVE! Organic Good Food Buffet Breakfasts (and NOT just a continental! ), Luncheons, Dinners and Snacks. ALL over-the-top with daily changing themes.


               4                 5

Southwest Inspired Breakfast

Polenta and Amaranth Porridge w/ Straus Maple Yogurt • Berry Compote • Toasted Walnuts & Hazelnuts • Heavy Cream & Coconut Cream • Taco/Burrito Buffet: Three Sisters Nixtamal Corn Tortillas & Flour Tortillas • Scrambled Eggs • Roasted Onions with Sweet & Poblano Peppers • Cuban Black Beans from Better Bean Company • Chorizo • Roasted Sweet Potatoes • Cilantro • Queso Fresco • Salsas • Lime Picklopolis Hot Sauce • Grand Central Bakery Croissants: Chocolate Croissants and Cheese Danish • Oranges, Apples, Pears, Bananas • Fruit Juices, Coffee & Teas!

Saturday Evening Dinner was served! And it was spectacular. It’s was as DELISH  as it reads:


preserving and advancing varieties


Hot Root – fermented carrots (OSA) and jalapeno peppers with crispy corn tortilla

prepared by Midori Farm

Crostini with ricotta, Old Blue raw honey, pickled mild habaneros (JM) & microgreens

prepared by Chef Timothy Wastell, Portland OR

First Course

‘Abundant Bloomsdale’ spinach (OSA) salad

w/ apple, hazelnuts & mild habanero (JM) vinaigrette

prepared by Chef Timothy Wastell, Portland OR

‘Lacinato Rainbow’ kale (FM),‘Purple Karma’ barley (PH), ‘Delicata Zeppelin’ squash (FM)

‘Inchelium Red’ garlic★

prepared by Chef Arran Stark, Port Townsend WA

Cabbage (NH/OSA), fennel, celeriac and carrot slaw

prepared by Chef Arran Stark, Port Townsend WA

Cornbread with sweet corn (OSA)

prepared by Chef Bryan Siegel, Hilton

 Second Course

Seared Marble Chinook Salmon★

with Alaskan Birch Syrup glaze ★

prepared by Chef Bryan Siegel, Hilton

‘Cherry Vanilla’ quinoa (FM)-encrusted chicken

with chimichurri sauce

prepared by Chef Arran Stark, Port Townsend WA

‘Oregon Homestead Sweet Meat’ squash (CD) caponata with peasant levain

prepared by Chef Timothy Wastell, Portland OR

‘Gilfeather Turnip’ rutabaga★ and ‘Ozette’ potato★ gratin with Green Kale (NH)

prepared by Chef Bryan Siegel, Hilton



Sweet Corn (OSA) ice cream

prepared by Lovely Fifty-Fifty, Portland OR

‘Lower Salmon River’ squash★ honeyed tart

prepared by Grand Central Bakery, Portland OR

 ★ Ark of Taste


Coriolis Pinot Noir and Rose by Maggie Harrison


Finnriver Farm & Cidery


More Organic Wine, Sir? Why not 2-@-time! They’re FREE!

And as your hard-working Good Food Guide, I had to endure the FREE Organic Liquor, Beer and Wine that flowed like water for four days and four nights!

         8    9

         9a    9b


The Whiskey is ORGANIC!


STONE BARN BRANDY • 503.341.2227 • Portland, OR

     11     12

MONTINORE • 503.359.5012 • Forest Grove,  OR

I drink a lot of Coffee daily, so this was Heaven for me!

                13            14

LAURELWOOD Brewing • 503.282.0622 • Portland, OR


THEN, the next night, talk about a Pub Run! And you didn’t even have to leave The Pub! A BIG CIRCLE, all ‘round the Plaza Ballroom, of Organic Liquor, Beer, Wine and FOOD! YEAH, it was a WOW!


OAKSHIRE™ • 541.688.4555 • Eugene, OR


Finnriver – Farmcrafted & Fermented Hard Cider & Fruit Wines with Apple Brandy • Jana Daisy-Ensign • • 503.753.4054 • • Chimacum, WA


    19     20

Logsdon Farmhouse Ales • Charles D. Porter • Farmhouse Brewer • • 541.399.0229 • • Hood River, OR

              21                       22

KOVAL Organic • Eric Budzynski • Consumer Outreach NW Region • • (Portland, OR) 360.320.8208 • Distillery – Chicago, IL • • 312.878.7988

 Black Republican Shrub CocktailShrub is a colonial-day drink, using a concentrated syrup made of fruit, vinegar and sugar.


These shrub drinks featured the Black Republican Cherry, a Slow Food Ark of Taste product, which were grown Organically at Tamiyasu Orchards in Hood River, OR, and Peak Forest Fruit in Banks, OR. Chef Timothy Wastell, from Firehouse Restaurant in Portland, OR, preserved them as a shrub since being picked in July. It was served with Organic Whiskey from KOVAL Organic Distillery.

The Lewelling Brothers brought the first Black Republican Cherry Trees to the Oregon Territory in 1847. The fruit is small, deep purple in color with an intense Black Cherry flavor. It is also the parent of the Bing Cherry. Today, Black Republican Cherry Plantings are rare, with only about 200 acres remaining in older and smaller orchards in The Dalles and Hood River growing Districts of Oregon, and even fewer in Washington, California and Eastern States.

And YES, a few were SERVED and ENJOYED!!!!!

25          24

Then  Saké!


 She said you could drink it as a white wine. It’s smooooth as silk! She was RIGHT, and WE DID!

MOMO KAWA – Saké • Brian Lynch • VP of National Sales • • 707.815.9674 • Forest Grove, OR


    28     29

BROOKS by Morne Wine Co. • • Jess Pierce • Director of Wine Education and Communications • • 225.328.0706 • Willamette Valley, OR


On the Trade Show Floor:

Writers’ prerogative: MY  State First, WASHINGTON! Diane Dempster of Charlie’s Produce kinda started it all. She was the go-to person for Organic Produce YEARS AGO! “I thank you, Diane and CHARLIE’S PRODUCE!”

31          32

CHARLIE’S • Diane Dempster • • (Seattle, WA) 206.625.1412 • Matt Neumann (Portland, OR) • 503.278.6022


Wilcox Family • Ryann Hinch • • 360.458.7774 • Roy, WA

 Matt McLean, THE UNCLE  in UNCLE MATT’S® Organic Citrus & Juices, is our long-time Good Food Friend. UNCLE MATT’S® is even on our very select  Change Your Food – Change Your Life! GOOD FOOD FRIENDS  Page. But just to show my fairness to ALL, here are a couple of GOOD Organic Citrus People, too!


SOUTH TEX ORGANICS – Organic Citrus and • Dennis & Lynda Holbrook • • 956.585.1040 • Mission, TX

The Organic Produce Displays by COVILLI® and Lakeside Organic Gardens …

                  34              35

… tied as THE BEST of SHOW!! But our Good Food Friend, Mario, at COVILLE®, said, “Give our Good Food Friends at Lakeside Organic Gardens  the AWARD. COVILLI® won in 2013, so NOW we’ll see who’s who in 2017! Will be GOOD FUN!.”

COVILLI® • Mario Yubeta Jr. • Sales • • 520.980.2328 • Nogales, AZ

WINNER of THE BEST Display! I thought I had walked into a State Fair!



Lakeside Organic • Lindsey Roberts • Marketing Communications • • 831.706.1154 • Watsonville, CA


“I’m a very urban Artist and commercial Graphic Designer and own my own Businesses: The Branding Iron and Naked by design But, after hearing Dennis’ Stories  from ORGANICOLOGY, I’m thinking I might want to become a COWGIRL! Thanks, Lakeside Organic Gardens, for the COOL hat!” – Lillyan

FOXY  Organics! And there’s a GUY standing there! WHAT??????


FOXY Organic® • • Brendan Bartley • Organic Sales • 831.905.2094 • Salinas, CA

We even have one of THESE!


COKE • Christine Coke • • 831.406.0561• San Juan Bautista, CA

ORGANICOLOGY is such a BIG DEAL that Arran Stephens, MR. NATURE’S PATH™ himself, was here! AND his Son, Arjan, too. NATURE’S PATH™ is the World’s largest, and STILL Family owned, ALL Organic Breakfast Cereals, + a whole lot more, Company!

40         41

I don’t let a morning go by without a BIG bowl of one of their NATURE’S PATH™ Cereals!


 And, oh yeah, there were Classes and Workshops, too!


To Your Health!

Dennis L. Weaver, MBA, GFG


Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™, Inc.


CELEBRATING Organic Good Foods @

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Visit our Good Food Friends @




3 thoughts on “ORGANICOLOGY, Sandals® style!

  1. Dennis, You sure know how to capture this great event in words and photos. Thank you for your contribution to all the organic products.

    Saturday’s dinner was my BDE – Best Dinner Ever, and such a great example of your mantra for good food – unique in that it may never be possible to know so much about the preparation of each course of the most amazing food and drink we were all inhaling.

    Hats off to an amazing job by the organizing committee, farmers, chefs, band members, and another standing ovation for the extraordinary service by the Portland Hilton Banquet Staff.


  2. Dennis,
    Thank you for the amazing account of the event. As one of the organizers whose staff slaves away for months to bring the event to adoring fans it is quite a heart warming feeling to hear your perspective. We can’t wait to see you in 2017 and perhaps we can find a way to integrate you more into the adventure that is Organicology

    Oregon Tilth

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