Stories from Expo WEST 2015!


My Good Food Friends –

Expo WEST is the World’s largest natural, ORGANIC and healthy products Event: Over 3,300 Exhibiting Companies with a crowd of 71,000+ FILLING the Anaheim Convention Center and the Conference Centers of the Marriott and Hilton Convention Center Hotels.

1a       1b

At THIS Trade Show, you can actually gain weight. No need to eat anything other than ALL the generous samples offered  and continuously handed to you for eight hours a day … EVERYDAY!

The Anaheim Convention Center is so BIG, that I swear the horizon bends inside of it!


And in EVERYONE one of those little blocks is an EXHIBITOR!


Expo WEST is produced by New Hope Natural Media, the leading Media Resource and Information Provider for the natural, ORGANIC and healthy products industry, with print, in-person/event, and e-business products and services.

EVERY morning I had to put up WITH THIS!


Oh, YES, we in The Press Corps are quite well pampered!


     4     5

      6a     7

But, THIS is HOW MANY PowerPoint presentations I had to endure for YOU!

8     9

PSAV® Presentation • Ben Carson, Project Manager, Specialty Exhibits • • 407.456.4570 • Coppell, TX


I really wanted to put my FACE in it!


naturepedic® • Lisa Jilbert • • 800.917.3342 • Chagrin Falls, OH

 The FIRST DAY these Organic CLIF® Bars were ever offered to the Public.


 Just THERE for the taking, and they gave away THOUSANDS! “Thanks for my four!”


A new take on sugar.


BIG TREE FARMS Rooted in goodness™ • 541.488.5605 • Bali, Indonesia • U.S. Headquarters, Ashland, OR

Organic Gluten Free Baking Mixes made with Ancient Grains. “Make your Home smell like a Bakery!”


AMAZING FOODS  for • Vicki Leide • •530.276.8598 • Redding, CA

 You’ve heard of Yogurt and Greek Yogurt … well, NOW  ICELANDIC Yogurt is IT!

     17     18

I generally write my own stuff, but I really liked what SMÁRI wrote:


SMÁRI Organic ICELANDIC Yogurt has more protein per serving than any other yogurt in the US. It’s thicker than most other yogurt. Creamier, also. It’s thick because we strain off most of the water, and leave the yogurt. It’s concentrated. It takes four cups of whole milk to make one cup of SMÁRI. Spoons speak of it in awe. According to legend, people in remote Iceland villages eat it with a knife and fork. *Icelandic for ‘thick’”

SMÁRI® • Jess Campbell, Accounts & Events Manager • • 707.766.0802 • Petaluma, CA

An appropriate AWARD for a refreshingly DELISH  Lavender Lemonade!


Lori’s Original Lemonade® • Lori Volk, CEO • • 805.794.8292 • Ventura, CA

A RAINBOW  of Organic Juices!

20     21

purity. organic® • Bernadette Aguirre, Director of Marketing • • 415.940.9924 • San Francisco, CA

Organic Soda Syrups! NOW, you can have an ORGANIC  SodaStream®. How about THAT for MOMS! Instead of a “NO!”, it can now be an, “OF COURSE!”

22       23


ORGANIC FAIR Small Batch • Kent Goodwin, President & Founder • • 250.733.2035 • Blaine, WA

YEA for ME! Organic smoked meat! Grass-fed Organic vs. WHAT’S in those Slim Jim® ‘Meat’ Sticks on the front counter of EVERY Convenience Store!

24     25

26     27

ORGANIC PRAIRIE® Farmer-Owned • 608.625.6328

Seaweed Rice Chips! “Sea the Future of Chips.”  Get it?


gimMe™ • Stephen Broad, CEO • • 415.479.8272 • San Rafael, CA

           29     30

31     32

33     34



 Their spectacular, two-story conversation piece. BEST on the Fair Grounds!


 COOL idea!

39     38

BOXED WATER® IS • Laura Sauls Martin, Marketing Manager • • 310.272.6600 • Grand Rapids, MI

 The UNCLE MATT’S® Booth BEATS granola samples!!!!!


The HOME of The Mango Tango!  Ms. UNCLE MATT herself!!!  So, I walk into a BAR …


You’ll want to move to Orlando for THIS!


And I THOUGHT  we had gotten waaaaaay past this!

43     44


     48     49

     50     51

THAT’S how you SELL The Good Food Life!  The MOM Chef-Inventor herself!


pure® • Veronica Bosgraaf, Founding MOM • • 888.568.7873 • Newport Beach, CA

Little tossed green salads! Inventive presentation for their new green garden® Salad Dressings.

53     54

green garden™ by LITEHOUSE® • Alison Kellogg, Brand Manager • • 208.920.2048 • Sand Point, ID

If you go to you’ll SEE what we think of Dave Dahl and his DAVE’S KILLER BREAD™. BIGGEST section on our GOOD FOOD FRIENDS  Page! And be sure to click on that ‘Listen Now’ in red just under that old-fashioned Radio graphic. It’s a FUN couple of minutes.


Celeste Souza, our Publisher Pal, Natural Awakenings, San Francisco East Bay Area Edition • fought through the crowds and got herself a pic with Patricia BRAGG – one of THE ORIGINAL GOOD HEALTH GURUS! If you go to you’ll see pages AND pages AND PAGES of pictures of people wanting a pic with Mrs. BRAGG. So when I say Celeste fought her way through THE CROWD …


Just halfway though the second day, on break after workin’ hard for her Readers!


Nice bounce back, though!


You’ve SEEN how hard WE’VE worked for you, well then, we DESERVE to ROCK under the STARRY SoCal Nights!

56     57

58     59


Change Your Food - Change Your Life! LOGO-Color

To Your Health! • Dennis L. Weaver, MBA, GFG • Founder/President • Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™ • 425.774.8971 • Dennis@ChangeYourFood.comVisit our Good Food Friends @ Organic Good Foods with


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