So, I walk into a Bar … AGAIN!

My Good Food Friends –

So, I walk into a Bar … AGAIN!

But THIS TIME, with SURPRISES  for Frank will knock ya down Brown and The Legendary  SEPTIMUS: “i AM what i EAT!” Collector T-Shirts, JUST LIKE the one THEIR  Good Food Guide, ME, wears,


and Bottles of UNCLE MATT’S® Organic Orange Mango Juice!

You KNOW  everything CYF-CYL! touches has a Story. The “i AM what i EAT!” Ts are, OF COURSE, ORGANIC Cotton and are GROWN on a T-Shirt Farm in Texas: SOS From TEXAS Grows the Organic Cotton, Picks the Cotton, Gins the Cotton, Makes the Ts!

Out timing was PERFECT. WHILE Frank was singing a love song, Forever, The Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Good Food Girl, Miranda, walks up and hands Frank a gift wrapped “i AM what i EAT!” T-Shirt and places a Bottle of UNCLE MATT’S® Organic Orange Mango Juice on the table right in front of Frank’s Keyboard.


And a soon as Miranda put the Bottle down, and while Frank was still singing, someone from the crowd yells, “It’s the MANGO TANGO!”

The pics are dark … ‘cause it’s a BAR!

4      5

In addition to SEPTIMUS crushin’ their original stuff Reggae Man, Looking for Ulysses, Peavine, They Call Me Junior and Bobby Womack’s Woman’s Gotta Have It, Hendrix’s Hey Joe, Muddy Waters’ I’m a Man, they OF COURSE, DELIVERED  a HOT, HOT rendition of their newest BAR HIT, The Mango Tango!

     3     3a

     6     7


Two personal  friends of SEPTIMUS were in the audience, too.

A Northwest Blues/Jazz ICON, Jimmy Holden of The Legendary  (Yes, History was in THE ROOM!) Holden Family of Musicians was invited to sit in on the keyboards so Frank could deliver a knock-down version of Tupac’s How Do You Want It. Frank’s KILLER version of Tupac’s How Do You Want It included the THIRD Verse by AUDIENCE DEMAND!  Frank prefaced it with, “If anyone thinks they might be offended by the lyrics, LEAVE NOW!” OF COURSE, no one did!  And by the end, he had EVERYONE singing with him, HOW DO YOU WANT IT, HOW DO YOU FEEL!!!  Wild, Baby!


Then Jazz Vocalist, Makini Magee. “Sweet and Classy Makini Magee has wowed jazz enthusiasts from the neighborhood bistro to Seattle’s Jazz Alley, working with Seattle’s finest musicians. Makini has also performed and shared the stage with jazz greats Winton Marsalis and Roy Ayers. Her smooth, engaging delivery is reminiscent of the time when jazz was king and queen!” – Ernest Pumphrey Revue


And I was so mesmerized by her song styling I didn’t even get the “Title” of her beautiful song!

10     11

You’ll notice that Bottle of UNCLE MATT’S® Organic Orange Mango Juice never moved off Front Stage!  So, ALL NIGHT LONG, ALL EYES were on Frank, SEPTIMUS, Jimmy, Makini and UNCLE MATT’S®! FUN, FUN, FUN!

Frank will knock ya down Brown ALWAYS  ENDS the evening with the question: “What time is it?” and ANSWERS it with their over-the-top SHOW CLOSER, Five Minutes to Rock the House!, at the end of which, you’ll be up standin’ on the tables with everybody else!

The APPLAUSE and YELLS end, SEPTIMUS takes their much-deserved BOWS. Just then, a young couple walks in and asks, “Did they play The Mango Tango?

There was a half-empty Bottle of UNCLE MATT’S® Organic Orange Mango Juice still on a table, so I said, “Here, take this!” And the guy held it, looked right at it and said, “THAT’S  IT!”



Rhythm Guitar, SEPTIMUS, Herman Brown, Motown Recording Artist


Change Your Food – Change Your Life! & SEPTIMUS are taking ORGANIC to places its never been before … to COOL!  We just want to share a little GOOD TASTE with EVERYONE … EVERYWHERE!

This FUN little ‘commercial’ clip has about everything that should be said about UNCLE MATT’S® Organic Orange Mango Juice in 48 seconds!!!!!  LYRICS – FUN & POWERFUL!  MUSIC TRACK – HOT & DANCIN’!  That pretty Guitar Work is by Herman Brown.

UNCLE MATT’S® Mango Tango FUN!

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