A “Mango Tango” Night!


My Good Food & Drink Friends –

We took in a bangin’ SEPTIMUS Show drinkin’ Mango Tangos! The Mango Tango: Glass with ice and double shots of Vodka. Pour in the UNCLE MATT’S® Organic Orange Mango Juice from the Bottle on your table!

The picture of HEALTH: Steamed Organic Kale, Garlic and Olive Oil and a MANGO TANGO!


About mid-Show, Frank will knock ya down Brown and The Legendary  Funk/Soul/Blues/R&B/Rock Band SEPTIMUS, by request (not by us), knocked ‘em ALL DOWN with one of the HOTTEST versions I’ve EVER heard of our NEWEST HIT BAR SONG, The Mango Tango!  From a couple in their 70’s to Millennials, everyone was ROCKIN’!  It’s a beat you CAN’T DENY.


Right up there with Lead Guitar Coleman L. Brown’s BEVERAGES!


When Frank sings, “Drink with me!”, everyone does! NO NEED to KNOW why!


Drummer, John Lee, on break:

IMG_7751      IMG_7757

Miranda, The ‘Official’ CYF-CYL! Chinese Herbalist & Acupuncturist, and I emptied a half-gallon Bottle makin’ our own Mango Tangos! And as Miranda wrote me the next morning, “I just drank the right amount for me at a party, about a Bottle of UNCLE MATT’S® Juice rocking out to that great funk music. Needless to say, no hangover today ‘cause it’s ORGANIC juice! It might just cure what ails you! Especially if you party like a pirate and think you might have scurvy.”

1ab2IMG_7758      1ab2IMG_7759

If you’ve been following our Stories over the months covering the “Mango Tango”, from debut to BAR HIT, the results: I went by the Whole Foods Lynnwood Store last Wednesday evening to get THE JUICE for MY evening and they were out. Then I got a call on Friday from a guy who was at The SEPTIMUS Show who said the Whole Foods Store on Roosevelt was out of UNCLE MATT’S® Organic Orange Mango Juice!


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To Your Health!

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