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   2015 Best of the Blues Awards, Washington Blues Society:

BEST  Slide Blues Guitar – NICK VIGARINO (Multiple-Year Award Winner!)


2015 Best of the Blues Awards, Washington Blues Society:

BEST Solo/Duo Blues Act – NICK VIGARINO’S BACK PORCH STOMP, Larry Dennis on Drums (Multiple-Year Award Winner!)


And a “QUOTE” from Bo Diddley: “That slide is naasty!”

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Nick’s current CD Albums: “Temptation Road”, “Victims of Cool”, “The Ghost of Time”.

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Oreo® Cookie Blues  was Recorded by Nick Vigarino, Slide Guitar/Vocals, Larry Dennis, Drums, exclusively  for the soon-to-be-released CHANGE YOUR FOOD – CHANGE YOUR LIFE!™ Presents: GOOD LiViN’ Compilation Album CD. Lyrics© by Lonnie Mack.

Track 15: Oreo® Cookie Blues

I got chocolate on my fingers/got icing on my lips. I got sugar diabetes/got blubber on my hips. Oreo® Cookie Blues 5:45

“Nick’s guitar riff on Oreo® Cookie Blues  took me to places I didn’t know I could go, and when I got there, I WANTED TO STAY!” – Ellen

Nick says of the unique16-Track CHANGE YOUR FOOD – CHANGE YOUR LIFE!™ Presents: GOOD LiViN’ Compilation Album CD:

“I really do like the Cover Artwork. I like the way its looks.

I have a tendency to make things visible from a distance if they happen to be a CD in a pile of other CDs. I always try to see if a CD stands out. That’s what I used to do, throw out a stack of CDs and see if mine stood out one way or another. And this does.

Don King did a good job on Mastering the CD. Sounds full. Solid.

I really do like the Cover Artwork. It’s very cool.

I’m happy to be involved with The Project.”

Part of Nick’s closing act, is that he will roam through the Audience, wireless, laying down some really kickin’, hot tempo BLUES. They can give him anything to play with … car keys, cell phones, beer bottles, glasses, their dog’s paw … anything, cardboard signs, wall ads, and he’ll play a complete guitar riff right at YOUR TABLE and FOR YOU with whatever you had given him!


Here he is makin’ music  with … and what else  would it be … an ORGANIC Watermelon!


It’s GOOD to be THE CENTER of ATTENTION! Mount Baker Blues Festival.


 COMING SOON … A CELEBRATION  in Song of making better food choices … ORGANIC Good Food Choices!

 CHANGE YOUR FOOD – CHANGE YOUR LIFE!™ Presents: GOOD LiViN’ Compilation Album CD

 Pop • Hip-Hop • R&B • Gospel • Teen Pop • Rap • Jazz

The CD Album DEDICATION: “Our Change Your Food – Change Your Life Artist Ambassadors hope that one of their songs catches your ear and makes that healthful difference in your life!”  –    Dennis L. Weaver, Producer

When the CD is released, Album and Tracks will be available on a newly constructed Web Site, iTunes and Amazon, in Select Retail Stores and in ‘a % of Sales’ supporting cause Fund Raising for Non-Profits and ‘Good Works’ Organizations.

Individual Tracks will also be available for Special Events Licensing to raise the Organic Good Food energy level at Store Openings, New Product Introductions, Product Sampling, Trade Shows and Newsletters.

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