My Good Food Friends –

You should have been @ The North Bend Blues Walk!

Two of our Friends/Bands were THERE!

Jimmy Holden of the iconic Holden Family, Keyboard & Vocals, RED HOUSE, 6 to 9PM.


The FEATURED Frank will knock ya down Brown and The Legendary  Funk/Soul/BLUES/R&B/Rock Band, SEPTIMUS, closed out the night, 9 to Midnight, with one of the HOTTEST Shows I’ve witnessed. And I’ve seen A LOT of their Shows.

There was a REAL DRINKIN’ CROWD  just waitin’ to be ENTERTAINED.




SEPTIMUS killed ‘em with classic Blues, Rock and their own solid stuff. Right in the middle of their third set, they laid down The Mango Tango. So, Frank is rockin’ out about UNCLE MATT’S® ORGANIC Orange Mango Juice


(we could have SOLD some right then and there!) in a hard-drinking, Rum & Coke®, Whiskey, Beer, Doritos® and Pepperoni Bar!

Brought ‘em to their feet!


I’ve seen it over and over again. You can’t sit still to the beat/rhythm/lyrics of The Mango Tango! We’ve got ourselves a HEALTHY  Bar HIT!




SEPTIMUS  owned North Bend. I kidded Frank after The Show, that now if North Bend is Googled, a picture of SEPTIMUS will come up!

We here at Change Your Food – Change Your Life! believe the Organic GOOD STUFF goes way beyond Carrots, Rutabagas and Granola. LIVE a little, huh!

A couple of weeks earlier, I took in a SEPTIMUS Show just for my own, personal enjoyment. No UNCLE MATT’S® stuff at all and no camera.

Crowded, hard to get between the tables and people. About halfway into their second set, right after Ron Brown comes off a power Hendrix Hey Joe, with some just PERFECT notes along the way from Herman Brown’s Guitar, Frank says, “Let me bring up my Son.” Someone in the Audience immediately yells, “How about The Mango Tango!”   A guy then yells, “YEA! Haven’t heard it for a couple of weeks!” Now, the Audience joins in with wild clapping for the request of The Mango Tango!  BANG, Frank goes right into one of the HOTTEST versions of The Mango Tango I’ve EVER heard. EVERYONE was movin’ to it (you KNOW, you can’t sit still to its BEAT), and in fact, it WAS the evening’s ICE-BREAKER! For the FIRST time that evening, people got up and danced. They just shoved the tables aside, created a dance floor, and from then on, it was Katie bar the door!  No one had even caught their breath, and BOOM, right into a KILLER  BLUES, Muddy Waters’ I’m a Man, Vocals & Guitar (which Coleman can MAKE TALK!) by Coleman L. Brown, Frank with Reggae Man, on to Ron Brown with They Call Me Junior …

And so went the night! THAT’S a SEPTIMUS SHOW!

There were a couple of Chinese Nationals in the Audience, and Frank, while taking The Mango Tango right up over the top, pointed to them and says, “We’re going to take this Mango Tango to China! What do ya think?” And they all nodded yes with big smiles!

Then last week, in a late afternoon Social Media check, Facebook, Twitter, etc. here’s what appeared, with pic, on Facebook by Motown Recording Artist, Herman Brown, Rhythm Guitar, SEPTIMUS. I had nothing planned, and in fact won’t even be there. SEPTIMUS is convinced they have a new Bar/Dance HIT!!!!

Herman Brown: Mango Tango tonight @ Lake Chad Cafe 8pm



To Your Health!

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