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My Good Food Friends –

Am I working or vacationing?


Oh, yeah, I forgot for a moment … I’m working and hard, too, for my Good Food Friends, EATING & DRINKING my way through ExpoWEST to bring YOU The NEW  and The GOOD!

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This is an ‘Official’ Report!


THOUSANDS of Exhibitors and TENS OF THOUSANDS (75,000+) of Attendees! This is the only Conference & Trade Show at which you can actually gain weight! It’s Organic Good Foods upon Organic Good Foods: Chips, Dips, Salsas, Energy Bars, Juices, Sodas, Cheeses, Meats, Pizzas, Pastas, Soups, Cereals, Chocolate Bars, Lollipops, Cookies, Beers, Wines, Liquors and the occasional Carrot and some Kale. If you don’t keep your hand in your pocket, when you look down there’s some new Organic Good Food in it! DELISH  FUN! Oh, yeah, I forgot again that I was WORKING!

The day before I left for ExpoWEST, my GOOD Food Friend and CHANGE YOUR FOOD – CHANGE YOUR LIFE!™ GOOD LiViN’ CD Artist Ambassador, Pastor Gary L. Wyatt,, sent me this e-mail:

Sent: Mon, 7 Mar 2016 Subject: Umm umm good! To:

Dennis – I saw this at Walmart today and I thought I’d give it a try and guess what…it’s a big hit!


They knocked this out of the ballpark! I’m hooked! I’m a huge Suja fan! It’s umm umm good! I should’ve bought a case. If you run into these people in California tell them to ‘remember’ me!


Pastor Sent from Rev. Gary L Wyatt, Sr’s iPhone

I arrived at ExpoWEST and walked over to the Press Room to pick up my Credentials, and WHAT do I SEE … the Press Room is SPONSORED by SUJA!!!!



     8     9

And as you can just imagine, suja® and I looked after our FAVE Pastor: A high-quality, FUN canvas bag with suja® LOGOS and ART, FREE suja® Juice Coupons and a hand-full $1 Off Coupons!!!!! Oh, YEAH!

suja® Organic Cold-Pressured Juices & Smoothies • 855.879.7852 San Diego, CA


Sent: Fri 4/15/16 Subject: Cleansing •To: Dennis Weaver (‏

Dennis – It’s day 2 on the Suja Juice 3 day cleansing program and I’m gonna sing it like James Brown would sing it….I Feel Good!

Pastor Sent from Rev. Gary L Wyatt, Sr’s iPhone

And YES, the Press Corps is WELL TAKEN CARE OF! BAGS of FREE DELISH FOOD & DRINK!  (I’m soooo GLAD I’m a writer!)

10     11



‘nuff said!


three twins Ice cream™ • Find it near YOU: 707.763.8946 Petaluma, CA

PERFECTLY light & REFRESHING! lemon flower, mojo berry, ginger blossom summer pear, zesty orange. Very sophisticated. Very adult.


Sipp® • Matthew Amato National Account Manager 908.892.6806 Chester Springs, PA

MY life is COMPLETE! ORGANIC Beef Jerky!


Organic Valley® • CROPP Cooperative 608.625.6328 La Farge, WI

The Private Press Party on Friday night … THE Event! FOOD, DRINKS, FUN, and time for actual  CONVERSATIONS with the Organic Good Food Makers!

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                19           20

A DELISH break from Whole Grain Pastas: Red Lentil, Green Lentil, Chickpea, Adzuki Bean, Black Bean, Edamame & Mung Bean, Edamame, Soybean, Red Rice and Brown Rice Pastas and Noodles! And so the name: EXPLORE Cuisine.


     21     22

Explore™ CUISINE • Erika Wasserman Vice President of Marketing 203.885.4086 Red Bank, NJ

Good, simple, stoneground, crunchy whole grain Cereal. But THAT Package! WHAT goes with Cereal? MILK!


BACK TO THE ROOTS™ • www.backtotheroots.comJohn PagliaroSales Manager john@backtotheroots.com443.465.5924Oakland, CA

CHIA Seeds will do that to ya every time!


Natierra® • Christine Carter PR Account Executive 978.501.6047 Van Nuys, CA

A Good Food Friend of ours, Gage Mitchell, the very creative Co-Founder of MODERN SPECIES, a very hip BRANDING Company, was assigned this challenging  task: Their Client ALTER ECO® asked MODERN SPECIES to make something COOL out of their ALTER ECO® Quinoa Pouch Made From Compostable Materials.

Pouch packages are hugely popular—but they’re not recyclable, meaning they go straight to the landfill. The patent-pending packaging is made from birch and eucalyptus wood pulp, non-GMO corn and non-toxic ink. That’s nice, but so what. HOW do you get the public interested in compostables?

25            25a

26        27

28       28a

So, did ya notice? Did ya notice? Did ya notice?

Along with some FUN Tag Lines, Organic GOOD Food, a HAPPY Booth and some ENERGETIC People …

29     30


this is what it’ll get ya: A CROWD!

     32     33

ALTER ECO® • Mathieu Senard Co-founder & co-CEO 310.749.4050 San Francisco, CA

MODERN SPECIES • www.ModernSpecies.comGage MitchellCo-Founder 206.512.8899 Seattle, WA

     And right across the aisle … and at the same time!


Water UPGRADE! All with ‘REAL PEEL’: Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange. Low calorie, fresh squeezed juice, probiotics, cold pressed, high pressure processed.


You’ll remember we thought UNCLE MATT’S® Organic Orange Mango Juice was sooooo GOOD


that The Legendary Funk/Soul/Blues/R&B/Rock Band SEPTIMUS wrote a HIT bar song about it called The Mango Tango – Blame it on The Blend, baby! We’ll, I just might have to call SEPTIMUS again!  

UNCLE MATT’S® Organic • Glen Garrity National Sales Manager – JUICE 877.364.2028 Clermont, FL

PALEO, vegan, RAW, nut-free Snacks!

38      37

nūd fūd • Julia Kirouac, C.N.P., Holistic Nutritionist Founder 416.949.7601 Toronto, Canada

Everyone WANTS to be in the FUN @ GIGGLE™! FIZZY, GIGGLY FUN for Kids. ORANGERRIFIC & LEMONLICIOUS. 10 Calories. So, why wouldn’t a Kid want to jump right in on the FUN @ GIGGLE? She actually did just that: Stepped right in front of the camera!

39     40

GIGGLE™ Elle Kister CEO | Founder 888.552.2739 Newport Beach, CA


 “Food & Wine” noted “Jones is poised to snatch the Betty Crocker crown”  by making baking fun, cool and accessible to a new generation.

     43     42

     Did you SEE this combo: BROWNIE Mix and SALTED CARAMEL Frosting!


MISS JONES Baking Company • Sarah Jones Founder & CEO 817.713.6565 San Francisco, CA

Our AWARD-WINNING Good Food Friend, Torie Burke, YES, as in Torie & Howard, was so kind to display our Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™ Presents: GOOD LiViN’ CD Poster along with our FREE MUSIC GIFT CARDS. Many THANKS, Torie!


                          48           49


These nifty little candy purses were Featured by Martha Stewart for Easter! So, make a note for next year!


Did you know, if your melt a few of her d’anjou pear & cinnamon Hard Candies in a Bottle of Organic Vodka you’ll have one of the nicest infused Vodkas EVER!

Torie also introduced their new CHEWIE FRUITIES to rave reviews @ExpoWEST.  Which are now, by the way, in MANY Starbucks!


TORIE & HOWARD®www.torieandhoward.comTorie Burke Namesake & Founder 888.826.9554 New Milford, CT

Wonder WHY everyone is so HAPPY in all these pics? ANSWER: ‘Cause they’re talkin’ about Organic Good Foods!

Do I know how to pick ‘em, or what? These NEXTY’S are BIG DEALS! After all, our ORGANIC Good Food Friends are in COMPETITION with THOUSANDS of all kinds of foods!

51     52


And last year I found BOXED WATER IS BETTER® way up on the Third Floor. Thought it was VERY COOL. NOW, you can find it on Store shelves all across the USA!


Yeah, THAT Name is about right!


WHOLLY GUACAMOLE® 817.509.0626 Saginaw, TX

Our Good Food Friend, Arran Stephens, MR. Nature’s Path – NATURE’S PATH ORGANIC • • 888.808.9505 • Richmond, BC, Canada


let me take some aerial pics to “Show the folks back Home just how Popular Organic Good Foods are!”

57     57

58     59

60     61

Beautiful Show Booth! Comfortable & inviting … a MUCH APPRECIATED respite from the maddening crowds. And what a SMART Company Go Raw™ is.

62            63

They’re makin’ MONEY from FREE STUFF … Watermelon SEEDS. And to THINK we just threw ‘em away before!


Go Raw™ Mazen Rabah Vice President of Sales 513.767.7135 San Jose, CA

Upon my return to Seattle, I was having Dinner with my Good Food Friends, Kristin & Eric, of CROFTER’S® ORGANIC Fruit Spreads and I was telling Eric about these new ORGANIC PB&J Snack Sands without the crust  by LUV ME foods that I had discovered at ExpoWEST. Eric said his Wife, coincidently, had eaten some non-organic version of those PB&J’s, the only PB&J snack sans without the crust she could find when she didn’t want to make ‘em herself. Right at the table, Eric texted his Wife Her IMMEDIATE text back: “OMG!!!! BEST NEWS OF MY LIFE! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!!!”

      66      67

LUV ME foods • Richard Peña Brand Manager 805.358.0718 Walnut Creek, CA

Indra has traveled the World in search of these Regional Teas and the matching traditional Regional recipes. The brewing methods and authentic recipes have been enjoyed for Centuries. The Original INDIAN TEA™ is the original recipe handed down by Indra’s Grandmother.


life basics Organics • Indra Chatterjee Founder & CEO 224.535.0657 Deerfield, IL


71          72

European Gourmet Bakery  ORGANICS • Marcus Gordon National Sales Manager 818.307.0636 Norwalk, CT

CAPTAIN DRAKE’S main line is Organic Sugars. Well, they make Organic Sugar so GOOD they thought maybe they should start DRINKING some of it!



Look at his disappointment when told it was just for pictures and NOT HIS to take!


CAPTAIN DRAKE • Mark Anderson 952.484.2545 (Will LAUNCH soon! Get yourself to a Bar NOW!) Minneapolis, MN



Organic Valley® • www.OrganicValley.comCROPP Cooperative 608.625.3444 La Farge, WI

 Organic QUE PASA Tortilla Chips are ALWAYS the best value deal on the fair grounds! Their BIG 16-oz Bag was only $1.99 at Bartell Drugs!


Organic QUE PASA Tortilla Chips • 888.808.9505 Richmond, BC, Canada

The PAARTAY starts BEFORE the Sun goes down!

      77      78

      79     78a

      80     81

And what would a GOOD PARTY be without the need for Security!



To Your Health!

Dennis L. Weaver, MBA, GFG


Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™, Inc.


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