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I wore a different T-Shirt from our Organic. Eat me. Collection everyday at ExpoWEST.

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1a Organic Eat me BC FRONT

1a Organic Eat me BC BACK

Get YOUR shirt on!

I was generally a ‘walking billboard’ by myself when stopped for pictures, petted when wearing the Banana Feel me. Peel me. Eat me. shirt,

1a organic feel me peel me eat me 12-29-17cw

or in passing, I’ll hear someone say, “You and me and butter, baby!”

organic corn you me and the butter 12-2-17cw

But one time I had a witness.  I’m standing with my dear Sue outside the All Organic Pavilion with my back to the crowd, on purpose, displaying the Bite Me. Carrot.

1a or organic carrot bite me 1-5-18 you'll love how i respondcw

Sue says, those three girls are staring at you and laughing, and just then, one of them comes running over saying, “I just HAVE TO take a picture of your shirt!”

Later in the Marriott, a guy comes fast walking over to me saying, “I grow 3200 acres of Organic CORN in Nebraska and your shirt is so damn funny I just have to ask you about it!”

1a or organic corn shuck me butter me take me with both hands 12-16-17 1-10-18cw

Two guys walking past me after an ExpoWEST Happy Hour turn to the two girls they’re with saying, “Shuck me, butter me, baby!”

On another day, I’m standing at a booth talking to the vendor when a guy interrupts with, “Hey, where can I get some of those sex apples!!?”

1a or organic do organic apples improve your sex life 12-29-17 1-10-18cw

Couldn’t go 10 feet without some kind of a reaction, a pointing at, a reading of the shirt out loud or just a good laugh.  Just like the card says: “Guaranteed to get a reaction.  People will stop, point and stare.”

As people are walking toward me, their eyes drift over to the shirt, and as they read it, an all-knowing SMILE breaks out over their face.  A guy had stopped in the aisle to answer his phone and a girl concentrating on the Tired of dates? ran right in to him!  LOVED IT!

1a organic tired of dates 1-1-18cw

Several people have yelled across an aisle in passing, “Hey, that’s a different shirt than yesterday!”  We MUST HAVE STOOD OUT FROM THE CROWD ‘cause there were only 82,000 Attendees there!  So, TO BE SPOTTED & REMEMBERED out of a crowd that size …

I’m starting to walk back to my Hotel and a girl passes by saying, “LOVE THE SHIRT!”  So, I stop and give her a card with the standard and well-practiced promo, and she says, “I already took a picture of your shirt.”  So, we have NO IDEA how many pictures were taken that we DON’T know of.  I would kinda sense when someone was too close behind me and give a little turn and their camera was pointing at my back!

I’d venture a guess that we were the MOST PHOTOGRAPHED item @ ExpoWEST!

Sunday night after having walked the mile back to our Hotel and having talked and answered questions for about nine straight hours, I get into the Hotel elevator and a guy says, “GREAT SHIRT!  Tell me about it.”

On the day after the Expo, for FUN, I thought I’d wear the You. Me. And butter. shirt.  I was having an Organic Good Food Lunch @ Mother’s Market & Kitchen in Costa Mesa, CA, when Natalie, an aspiring children’s poetry book author, ‘Organic is Love’, said “FUN shirt!” I said “Hold those KISS MY APPLE stickers & let’s get a picture!”  So, I knew her when!


On the next day, I thought why not STAND in the Produce aisle of Mother’s Market & Kitchen and see what happens.  Well, people stopped, pointed and threw thumbs up!

THEN, at last on Wednesday, I get a coffee at ALTA COFFEE in Newport Beach and the Barista says, “I NEVER forget my BUTTER EXPERIENCES!”

Our Organic. Eat me. Ts and our O’s UP! are infectious (Check out the photos of #OsUP on Twitter! HAPPY!).  Here’s a FUN Tweet and a Facebook Posting I did because of someone not even connected to ExpoWEST!:

Marlene is the cheeriest Hotel Representative EVER!  Wyndham Hotel Resorts is VERY FORTUNATE to have her.  She saw me go every morning to #ExpoWEST2018 wearing a different Organic. Eat me. T-Shirt & knew about my #OsUP Tweets. She said “How about if I give you an O’s UP!” I told her “Sure, & we’ll make you FAMOUS on Twitter!”


I think I had THE MOST FUN of anyone @ ExpoWEST!

1a organic i love it when you take me in your hands 12-29-17 peach 2cw

YOU, TOO, can have the SAME FUN everywhere you go!  Get YOUR shirt on!

1a Organic Eat me BC FRONT


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