My Good Food Friends –


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Along with the interactive Website, we gave out hundreds of Organic. Eat me. Stickers, people WANTING and GRABBING handfuls to give to friends and to take home …


… and FREE MUSIC CARDS for our Songs CELEBRATING the JOY Organic Good Food brings to LIFE, PLAYED & HEARD ’round the World, along with lots of STORIES!



There was nonstop table-side conversation from 9:30 AM to 8 PM Friday & Saturday.

Our Presentation of Sharing the JOY of Organic Good Food, and our ‘JOIN THE FUN!’ Initiative to DRIVE Organic Good Food to a larger Market Share for THE GOOD HEALTH of PEOPLE & PLANET, was an over-the-top HIT!

OMA 18 x 24 Statements

OMA 18 x 24 Statements2

We left with five pages of Names/E-mail Addresses and a jar FULL of Business Cards for our ‘COUNT ME IN/TELL ME MORE’ Program.

Our Vice President, THE DIRT DOCTOR, John Porterfield, Montana Grow™ and The Hemp Holding Company, capturing the interest of NEW FANS of THE ORGANIC MARKETING ASSOCIATION.

1a OMA O 4cw       1a OMA O 16cwOMA Business Card_John-page-002cw

WE were the MOST COLORFUL & POPULAR Table on the Fairgrounds!

The ARTIST/DESIGNER of our GOOD LiViN’ CD Package/FREE MUSIC CARDS is Lillyan, who also designed the stickers and our coordinated Table Top Display!

And, OF COURSE, the Organic. Eat me. Series by our Organic. Eat me. GURU, Michael Buley, WAS THE ICEBREAKER, THE DRAW!

Our KARA GREER attended the Thursday Workshop in her ‘Official’ gear:

THE ORGANIC MARKETING ASSOCIATION was the most FUN, had the HIGHEST ENERGY and was the most INSPIRATIONAL, putting SMILES on FACES and offering HOPE for the FUTURE.

Our VERY FAVE FARMGIRL, Iris Montaño-Madrigal, Ms Covilli® BRAND ORGANICS, on the Trade Show Floor in her CUSTOM Covilli® BRAND ORGANICS Organic. Eat me. T

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A quick Story to go out with:

During our Premier of THE ORGANIC MARKETING ASSOCIATION @ ORGANICOLOGY, this guy comes up and reads all of our stuff.

He says, “Sounds good to me.  Let me tell you a story.  I’m an organic farmer and this is my first time here, so I’m kinda feeling my way around.  I would stop and ask another Attendee, ‘What is Organic?’ and they would start off with, ‘It doesn’t have… ‘.  No one could ever just tell me WHAT ORGANIC IS!!!!  So THAT’S why your approach caught my eye – FUN, POSITIVE, made me FEEL GOOD and put a SMILE ON MY FACE!  Can I have a couple of those stickers?”

So, get your shirt on!  Don’t just talk organic, WEAR IT!  Choose from 111 T-SHIRT DESIGNS & HEADLINES @

organic ring my bell 5-26-18cw




Dennis L. Weaver 206.351.1749 | John Porterfield 406.270.6797

O’s UP!

To Your Health!


 CELEBRATING Organic Good Foods @

Our GOOD LiViN’ CD, with Songs CELEBRATING the JOY Organic Good Food brings to LIFE, NOW PLAYING IN EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD (195) + a US Territory, a Crown Dependency, Three French Overseas Departments, a French Overseas Region, Armed Forces Radio Europe & Pacific, ALL 50 States and Washington DC, attracting ‘Officially’ Registered FANS ’round the WORLD!

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Just added: Streaming to 7M

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CATCH The Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™ Radio Show ON RaininerAvenueRadio.World:

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My Good Food Friends –

(FIRST of all, ‘O-WORTHY’ attribution goes to ELLEN KANNER!  THANKS for the FUN description of The Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Radio Show Project.)

BREAKING NEWS: My long-time Good Food Friend, Tony Benton, Tony B, recently invited me to do a Weekly half-hour Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Show on his RainierAvenueRadio.World Network.

1a Rainier Ave Radio LOGO Bcw

UPDATE: ON The Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™ Radio Show, since Posting the original Announcement below, we’ve had GUESTS from all ‘round the United States TALK, WRITE, GROW, MINE, POLICE, BUY, PREPARE, SERVE, MAKE & SING about Organic Good Food, ADVOCATE & LOBBY for Organic Good Food, READ to Children about Organic Good Food, talk about the GOOD HEALTH of Organic Good Food, use Organic Good Food as THERAPY, JUICE Organic Good Fruit, GROW ORGANIC COTTON T-SHIRTS and make ORGANIC DONUTS & CANDY!

 So, NOW, you can listen to ALL The Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Radio Shows and catch the NEW Shows as they are Broadcast!


On The Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Radio Show, we’ve had GUESTS TALK about Organic Good Food, WRITE about Organic Good Food, SING about Organic Good Food, GROW Organic Good Food, READ to Children about Organic Good Food, talk about the GOOD HEALTH of Organic Good Food, MINE Organic Good Food and POLICE Organic Good Food.

Let’s CELEBRATE with some GOOD LiViN’!

The FUN, INFORMATIVE & ENTERTAINING Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Radio Shows to Date:

That FUN OPENING  CUT of GOOD LiViN’ you just heard is from our CHANGE YOUR FOOD – CHANGE YOUR LIFE!™ Presents: GOOD LiViN’ … a Compilation CD Album … and its Title Track is performed by AnnaMaria Pasley-Horn.

1a MUSICALthumbnail_At workac

It IS the WORLD WIDE Organic Good Food ANTHEM, with ‘Officially’ REGISTERED FANS from India to Israel, Cambodia to Guatemala, Romania to Mexico … to Atlanta, GA.  So, the next time you hear it playing, STAND!  You can get yourself a copy @

EPISODE 1: PASTOR GARY L. WYATT, Pastor of SureHouse, the baddest Church in Tacoma, WA, was in the Studio for the INAUGURAL Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Show sharing his Journey of Discovery and Good Health in making Organic Good Food Choices.

Heeerrre's Pastor Gary L. Wyatt!

DLW: I introduced Pastor Wyatt to Organic Good Foods, and after a series of TASTY Gifts of Good Health, and GOOD Stories to go along with them, he knew his change was coming, so he wrote this song for us, ’Til My Change Comes.  It tells of HOPE, HEALTH and A GOOD LIFE AHEAD. In fact, you filmed it LIVE with the Jackson Sistas and the SureHouse Band for the final track on your “Impeccable Worship” DVD, too.

I took Pastor Wyatt and Mother Cheryl on a Personally Guided Organic Good Food Shopping Tour @ Marlene’s Market & Deli.

For their 30-Day Review and Graduation I took Pastor Wyatt and Mother Cheryl to an ALL Organic Good Food Dinner @ a Restaurant in Seattle.  Well, the NEXT DAY, Saturday morning, Pastor Wyatt sent me an e-mail … “Stand by your laptop, I’m sending you a NEW SONG!”  He sent me GO-O and THAT O means ORGANIC!”

You had invited me as your Guest on your TBN TV Show a couple years ago and I think you & I DOUBLED the Prayer CALL-INS … a Pastor and a Good Food Guide goin’ on down the road together, SAVING & NOURISHING the SPIRITUAL SOUL, SAVING & NOURSING the PHYSICAL BODY.  Nice combo!

EPISODE 2: It was just the Audience and their Good Food Guide, ME!  I talked about WHY is it so important to know HOW to live the Organic Good Food Life.

DLW: It’s FUN.  It’s EASY.  It’s SIMPLE.  AND IT IS DELICIOUS to move towards the Organic Good Food Life with the simple system of REPLACEMENT & SUBSTITUTION … just each and every time you go to the store, simply make an Organic Good Food Choice in lieu of the non-organic poor food choice you may have ordinarily made: milk for milk  … chips for chips, apples for apples … organic ketchup for non-organic …  mustard, pickles, pepper, pizza, bananas and chocolate bars. And if you do that, over time you’ll end up with a pantry, refrigerator and Home full of good health.  It’s soooo EASY!

And I’ll tell you what… I’ve never felt better in my life.  I feel the way I was designed to feel, the way I was meant to feel.  Very few people ever feel the way they were designed to feel… the way they should feel … every day.  And I’ll tell you, once you know how you were designed to feel, how you should feel, how good you can feel, you’ll do anything and everything to preserve, defend and protect that genuine sense of well-being.  It is absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!

There ain’t nothin’ like it!  It’s to CELEBRATE!  You’ll want to SHOUT … I feeeeel good like I knew that I could …  I feel nice, like sugar and spice!  I’ve got more energy, more spirit than any 5 year old that you’ve seen jumpin’ straight up and down with unbridled excitement!

You DO feel THAT GOOD!  It’s LIFE worth LIVING!

Well … change your food, change your life and get up there with us.  We’ll tell you how, we’ll get you started on livin’ the Organic Good Food Life.


EPISODE 3: THE DIRT DOCTOR, John Porterfield, MontanaGrow™

DLW: OUR FUN GUEST, John Porterfield, President, MontanaGrow™ is calling in from downtown BONNER, Montana, along the shores of the beautiful Blackfoot River.  He’s not JUST President, he’s Mr. MONTANA aka Johnny Montana aka THE DIRT DOCTOR.  And my Good Food Friend, John, is no shrinking violet ‘scientist’!  He was tagged as Mr. MONTANA by Frankie B, front man for the funk/soul/blues Band SEPTIMUS, The ‘Official’ Band of Change Your Food – Change Your Life!, that we featured @ ORGANICOLOGY in Portland.  Mr. Montana cut a wide swath on the dance floor and had his O’s UP until the bar closed!  You even won yourself a t-shirt or two.  And that CROFTER’S® ORGANIC T-Shirt has served you well, would make anyone say they LOVE ORGANIC GOOD FOODS, too!  Something like a match .com thing!

John recently spoke before the Montana Organic Association.  Well, John was SUCH A HIT at the Montana Organic Association with his storytelling, and his unique Amorphous Silicon

1a MG

is such a demonstrated benefit to Organic Crop Health, Nutrient Uptake and Yields, that he was VOTED onto the Montana Organic Association’s Board by its 247 FARMERS, Electing a VENDOR to their Board for the FIRST TIME!

1a MG JP in actioncwac

And TRUST ME, if you’re explaining Amorphous Silicon, you gotta be a GREAT STORYTELLER!

‘Course, RESULTS don’t hurt, either!

1a MG B A 3

And, hey, John, isn’t MontanaGrow™ kinda like the little blue pill for plants?  How does it make ‘em stand up?

organic montana do organic apples improve your sex life 5-21-18 3cw

Then John got behind RainierAvenueRadio.World’s BIKES for KIDS Program.  As John said to me, “MontanaGrow™ is making a difference on the FARM and on the STREETS!”1a MG BIKES

EPISODE 4: ELLEN KANNER, Author of the Award-Winning Book, “Feeding the Hungry Ghost – Life, Faith and What To Eat For Dinner”, called in from Miami, Florida

DLW: On today’s Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Show, calling in from Miami, Florida is our VERY SPECIAL GUEST, ELLEN KANNER.  She is Author of the Award-Winning Book “FEEDING the HUNGRY GHOST – LIFE, FAITH and WHAT TO EAT FOR DINNER” …

Ellen Kanner Book

… Syndicated Columnist, The Edgy Veggie, “Huffington Post” and “The Miami Herald”, a much-in-demand Keynote Speaker, Chef/Hostess of quite elegant Dinner Parties in and around Miami and just FUN!

1a Ellen Kanner with friend!cw

As someone once wrote about Ellen: “Warm, wicked, and one-of-a-kind, Ellen offers an irreverent approach to bringing reverence into daily living and eating. Every meal can feed not only our bodies but our souls and our communities as well.”

She believes in close Community, strong coffee, Organic Good Food and bright red lipstick!

Heeere’s ELLEN!

1a Ellen Kanner CHEF

You World traveler, YOU … I went to Disney World once … can you tell the story about the rice in your Sahara recipe that you helped cook with a non-English speaking woman in Morocco, and as you said, “Who needs a common language when you have Organic Good FOOD!”

I’m guessing there are many vegetarian and vegan listeners to the Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Show.  And since they’ll hear from a no better EXPERT than YOU, your having WON the “VegNews” BOOK OF THE YEAR, can you offer them some HELPFUL, HEALTHY  TIPS?

WHERE can our Audience get your Book Titled, “FEEDING the HUNGRY GHOST – LIFE, FAITH and WHAT TO EAT FOR DINNER” and HOW, Ellen, can they SUBSCRIBE to your Newsletter that always has POSITIVE, UPLIFTING Stories & GOOD THOUGHTS and RECIPES and DELICIOUS PHOTOGRAPY of YOUR RECIPES?  Even the Titles are FUN.  I think the last one was titled “HAPPY APRIL”!  ‘Course, what else could YOUR OUTLOOK BE from someone livin’ the Organic Good Food LIFE!  As I said in my opening to The Show, Change Your Food – Change Your Life is designed to put smiles on faces … AND Organic Good Food DOES!  So, now back to my original question, HOW can they subscribe to your Newsletter?

EPISODE 5: I’ve told the Story of Mary & Tonia, when a BEAN is NOT A BEAN, don’t ever trust those devil bakers, why you can’t trust THE QUAKER, why you should always buy TWO PACKS of non-organic tortillas and I  PROVED it costs less to live the Organic Good Food Life than not.  We exposed some LABEL LIES and had a HILARIOUSLY FUNNY non-organic label reading by our Producer, D-Money, HIMSELF.  We POSTED that one!  GUESS AT IT!!!


EPISODE 6 & 10: My VERY FAVE FARMGIRL, IRIS MONTAÑO-MADRIGAL of Covilli® BRAND ORGANICS has called in TWICE from Nogales, Arizona!


DLW: The last time you were on The Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Show, I had asked you to talk about Covilli® BRAND ORGANICS’ Growing Quality by Tradition.  For those NEW in our Audience, and even for those that may have heard you, would you please tell of the Quality aspect of it … the CARE & COMMITMENT Covilli® BRAND ORGANICS takes to GROW, PACKAGE and BRING WHOLESOME, HEALTHY Organic Good Food Fruits & Vegetables to us, the EATERS … Organic Good Food doesn’t JUST HAPPEN, nor should it EVER be taken for granted!

One listener I heard from was struck by your description of the ENTIRE Covilli® BRAND ORGANICS’ process of preparing the soil, raising the seed, planting your little babies, and packaging, which you described as carefully PLACING each Organic Good Fruit or Vegetable in a carton for shipping, not tossing into a box which packaging generally means.

The Founder of RainierAvenueRadio.World, Tony Benton, Tony B, Founded the RainierAvenueRadio.World Station to involve Community, to support Community, knowing that a Community together, can empower and lift one another up.  Well, IRIS, Tony B is going to LOVE the ‘good works’ of Covilli® BRAND ORGANICS … your FAIR TRADE commitment to directly support your workers and their Communities.


Lots of Companies say they care for their workers.  But through Covilli® BRAND ORGANICS’ FAIR TRADE COMMITMENT, farm workers are able to take ownership of their future by being able to choose, as a Community, how and when to invest the FAIR TRADE premium to lift up their lives and those of future generations.

What are the Projects Covilli® BRAND ORGANICS FAIR TRADE supports?

1a covilli organic lemon 4-26-18 pucker up 1cw

EPISODE 7: Award-Winning Children’s Book Author, KATHERINE PRYOR, told STORIES about THE STORIES she wrote.

DLW: So, now, here’s my GOOD Food Friend, Award-Winning Children’s Book Author, KATHERINE PRYOR, who I describe as a walking CELEBRATION of LIFE!  If you go to the dictionary or google ‘cheery’, you’ll see a little pen and ink sketch of my GOOD Food Friend, KATHERINE!


 In 2012, I met Katherine at a Fundraising Dinner for The Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network.  As the evening’s speaker, Katherine was introduced as quite the FOOD ACTIVIST.  She told this FUN Story about WHY she became a Children’s Book Author while coming back home from an Olympia Lobbying event.  And so, your FIRST Children’s Book was born, “Sylvia’s Spinach”.  Tell THAT Story.

I have a quick FUN, TRUE Story about the EFFECT of “Sylvia’s Spinach”.  At your book signing, I asked you to autograph it to a little 6-year old girl, Katya.  The next day I gave it to her MOM and they read it together that evening.  Well, the next evening, her DAD, who had no idea there was A BOOK was about spinach, just happened to choose a spinach salad for dinner.  Katya’s eyes grew big when she saw his salad and put down her pizza to eat the spinach salad!

You’ve also written “Zora’s Zucchini” and are working on a third titled “Bea’s Bees”.  So, you’ll have Books, B, S & Z.  When do you think you’ll be COMPLETING the next 23 so Children can learn their ALPHABET from your Book TITLES?

I’ve seen YOU in action in your school reading program  … AMAAAZING … KEEPING & HOLDING the ATTENTION of normally squirmy little children.  How can MOMS make arrangements for you to come to their School with your BOOKS and your little red wagon full of spinach?

Children surrounding Author Katherine Pryor and learning about ''Slyvia's Spinach'cw'

Your BOOKS are so popular that “Sylvia’s Spinach” and Zora’s Zucchini” are in hardcover, paperback AND AUDIO?  Where can they get your BOOKS?

EPISODE 8: ‘The Good Doctor’ Dr. HERB JOINER-BEY ND made a HOUSE CALL in the Studio.

1a The Good Doctor w AMP cr

DLW: The Good Doctor, HERB JOINER-BEY, ND, is Author of “The Healing Power of Flax – The Definitive Guide”

1a FLAX 2

and Co-author of “The Omega-3 Miracle”, “Water: The Foundation of Youth, Health, and Beauty”, “The Face of Consciousness: A Guide to Self-identity and Healing” and with Joseph Pizzorno, ND, Founder of Bastyr University, and Michael Murray, ND, IT’S THE BIGGIE: “The Clinician’s Handbook of Natural Medicine”, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Editions!  It’s that Profession’s Guide Book … its TEXT BOOK.  He is the WORD!

1a Clincian's Guide 3

‘The Good Doctor’ DR HERB JOINER-BEY, ND, is a Scientist & an Educator.  He’s traveled the Country and the UK Speaking on the WHOLESOME, HEALTHFUL benefits of Organic Good Foods.  Seminars galore.  WON the NATURAL HEALTH EDUCATOR PIONEER AWARD at a recent Natural Products Association Conference.  Been on TV and so many Radio Stations that even HE couldn’t tell you how many.

Well, THE DOCTOR IS NOW IN THE HOUSE!  WELCOME, DR HERB JOINER-BEY to The Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Show on RainierAvenueRadio.World!

Let’s talk about Type 2 Diabetes.  But first, I’ve got to tell this little Story.  Change Your Food – Change You Life! was the HEADLINER for an American Diabetes Association EXPO @ Quest Field.  We were SURROUNDED by Hospitals, Insurance Companies and, OF COURSE, Drug Companies, which seemed to be THE SOLUTION.  But, since most people ‘catch’ Type 2 Diabetes by making lousy, non-organic poor food choices and can eat their way out of Type 2 by making Organic GOOD FOOD Choices … well my Friend, ‘The Good Doctor’ Dr, HERB JOINER-BEY, couldn’t help himself.  Now remember, we were surrounded by Drug Companies.  So, ON STAGE to introduce The Change Your Food – Change You Life! Show, ‘The Good Doctor’ says to the Audience, “You know, just like those Drug Companies all around us, Organic Good Foods have side effects, too.”  Everyone kinda moved up on the front of their chairs and he says, “But our SIDE EFFECTS are a BOUNCE IN YOUR STEP AND A SMILE ON YOUR FACE!”  We were never invited back, but at least he got THAT off his chest!

So, now about Type 2 Diabetes.  How can Organic Good Foods modulate the effects of Type 2 Diabetes … even help a person to put Type 2 behind ‘em

Well, DOCTOR HERB JOINER-BEY, THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your day with us.  I can’t thank you enough for making all of our aches and pains go awayand no Co-Pay REQUIRED!!  WHAT A DEAL!


1a Darryl Bosshardtcw

DLW: Did you know that DARRYL BOSSHARDT is FULL of SALT FACTS?  Well, HE IS!  Get your note pads out and listen.

Your family didn’t start out as salt miners.  I love that Story of how your Grandfather came upon your SALT.

All the rage now is sea salt, but if you think about it, whatever pollution is in the air, is in the water, is in the outdoors SEA salt, but REDMOND RealSalt® is pure as the driven snow because …


1a RSS RARcw

Ordinary TABLE SALT has had what DONE to it …and includes what UNEXPECTED adulterations?

Your REDMOND RealSalt® brings with it the Earth’s Trace Minerals.  How many … & their value to GOOD HEALTH?

REDMOND RealSalt® – AMERICA’S ONLY UNREFINED ANCIENT SEA SALT … you’ve explained the ANCIENT part, so now explain the UNREFINED part.

So, UNREFINED is actually the ‘refined’ choice!

There’s a great Video of your mine, STARRING YOU, DARRYL, that our Audience can watch on

Your REDMOND Organic Spice SEASONINGS … I’m tellin’ the Audience your Organic SEASONING SALT is THE BEST!  Real Salt, Organic Garlic, Organic Onion, Organic Coriander, Organic Mustard, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Paprika, Organic Celery Seed, Organic Turmeric and Organic Parsley … all that FLAVOR in one little shaker!  I use it on soups, salads, sandwiches, pastas … can’t live without it!

You know what’s nice for Birthdays and Christmas, send your favorite cook … Wife, Husband, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, MOM … the REDMOND RealSalt® SEASONINGS GIFT BOX … a Variety of Four in a nifty little souvenir wooden crate.

1a RRS Organic_seasonings_Gift_Pack_2cw

ONLY REDMOND RealSalt® can make AnnaMaria and her FANS THIS HAPPY … and YOU, TOO!  “When the Salt Shakes!” 

When I first met REDMOND RealSalt® in about 2002, there were a couple of you sitting behind a little table with some of those beautiful pearlescent REAL SALT rocks … caught my eye … and a black & white flyer.  THIS year at ExpoWest, the World’s Largest Natural & Organic Trade Show, REAL SALT had TWO, BIG BEAUTIFUL Displays: SALTS in the FOOD Arena, and in the BEAUTY PRODUCTS Arena, Mineral Bath Salts, Tooth Pastes and REDMOND’S BENTONITE CLAY Facial Mud Masks & Baby Powders AND a 20-Page FULL COLOR CATALOG! … I LOVE SUCH SUCCESS!

1a RCcw

I just mentioned BENTONITE CLAY – Tell the story of where, how it’s formed and its benefits.

1a RSS clay-10ozcw


EPISODE 11: MICHELLE ZERBIB, MSN, CN, Masters of Nutrition Science and DIRECTOR of STANDARDS for NEW HOPE NETWORK, Producer of the World’s LARGEST Organic and Natural Trade Shows and Conferences called in from Boulder, Colorado.


DLW: MICHELLE ZERBIB, MSN, CN, and I met way back in 2002.  I was introducing my Company, Change Your Food – Change Your Life!, to the Hartman Group, a Good Food/Trends Research and Consulting Company.  I mentioned that Change Your Food – Change Your Life! was doing Personally Guided Organic Good Food Shopping Tours in Grocery Stores. Michelle was the Director of Wellness for the Hartman Group and was just finishing up her Master’s Thesis @ Bastyr University, making the case for Nutritionists being IN Grocery Stores, being proactive GOOD FOOD GUIDES for GOOD HEALTH rather than having to be reactive in a Clinic/Hospital setting trying to help people RECOVER their health from having made lousy poor food choices.  I was doing what she was writing about and she was writing about what I was doing … so we’ve been GOOD FOOD FRIENDS ever since.

Then she moved to Boulder, Colorado, and made herself famous @ NEW HOPE NETWORK!

1a NewHOPE

And I might say how prescient MICHELLE was, as there is NOW a growing movement to place Dietitians and Nutritionists IN Grocery Stores!

So, NOW, here’s my VERY GOOD, GOOD FOOD Friend MICHELLE ZERBEB! Welcome, MICHELLE, to The Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Show on RaininerAvenueRadio.World.

As DIRECTOR OF STANDARDS for the whole shootin’ match @ NEW HOPE NETWORK, WHAT DO YOU REVIEW?  I know our Audience will find it fascinating … the care and attention, the thoroughness of your Department … to make sure no one is stretchin’ the truth, making claims they shouldn’t be and to insure that Consumers aren’t buying a lie!  So, what do you review?

Every year before ExpoWEST, MICHELLE & I have coffee on the patio of the Anaheim Sheraton and then she rushes off for FOUR FULL DAYS at a frenetic pace.  I’ve seen you in action, MICHELLE, but tell the Audience just how busy you and your Staff are in monitoring the Standards that you’ve approved and how you roam the Trade Show Floor.

NEW HOPE NETWORK is also Publisher of a Consumer Magazine “DELICIOUS LIVING”, full of recipes, health tips, what’s new, supplements, beauty and living.  Where can our Audience pick up a copy of “DELICIOUS LIVING”?

You’ve recently come upon a new way of eating for yourself.  A ketogenic lifestyle.  WHAT IS a KETOGENIC LIFESTYLE … and YOUR ORGANIC GOOD FOOD CHOICES that support it?

What are the BENEFITS of a KETO LIFESTYLE?  What has it done FOR YOU?

If someone wants to be just like you, what’s a good KETO resource for someone in our Audience to refer to?

Sometime, if you’d like to read how rigorous MICHELLE IS in insuring that good food is, in fact, GOOD FOOD, go to

EPISODE 12: We just finished Recording The Change Your Food – Change Your Life Show MUSICAL!

DLW: Our CHANGE YOUR FOOD – CHANGE YOUR LIFE!™ Presents: GOOD LiViN’ , a 16-Track Compilation CD Album, is an original and a one-of-a-kind.


We believe the culmination of our 10-years work of recruiting Singers and Musicians in a variety of Genres and the Lyrics Messaging creates a unique and energized ORGANIC GOOD FOOD, GOOD HEALTH Narrative, one of JOY, FUN, STRENGTH & EMPOWERMENT.

Jazz, Pop, Rap, Gospel, Blues.  You can EXERCISE to it, DANCE to it, SING to it, SHOP to it, BBQ to it, EAT to it, DRINK to it, LEARN to it, be INSPIRED by it.

IT IS many diverse voices coming together with but one MESSAGE: Our Change Your Food – Change Your Life Artist Ambassadors hope that one of their Songs catches your ear and makes that healthful difference in your life!

And EVERY SONG has a back story!

YOU NEED a good, long life, a life full of energy … a long, engaged life, with all your options always right in front of you.  But you can’t get that good life unless you choose FOOD!  And unless you’re making 100% Organic Good FOOD Choices, you’re not even choosing food! … but rather, you’re choosing from a variety of non-organic concoctions created by the boys in laboratories wearin’ white coats and rubber gloves! Don’t Buy The Lie!    

1a MUSICALthumbnail_Solomon Wyatt & The Sanctified Solders ATK - Dre Tmac K-Strat - LIVE Seattle Centercw

Solomon Wyatt & The Sanctified Soldiers ATK – Dre, Tmac, K-Strat

I had the good fortune to ENJOY a 100% Grass-Fed Organic Rib Eye Steak, prepared medium-rare to perfection by Chef Al Rosas, The Organic Chef™.  It was soooooooooo GOOD that I asked our Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Artist Ambassador, ‘Cool Jazz’ Vocalist from Taos, NM, ELLEN LIVESAY, to write a smoky little song about it called, Sizzle for Me.

We think Sizzle for Me is the HOTTEST Song in the Organic Good Food World!

As one listener said, “After listening to Ellen’s Sizzle for Me, I wished I could have had a cigarette!”



Our Artist Ambassador, ELLEN LIVESAY, also asks, “Is there a farm girl in you?” in MaryJanesFarm, Ellen answers that question with a BRIGHT, FUN song.  And if you listen to it just a couple of times, you’ll be singing these lyrics to yourself: “Farm chick, city chick, urban, outdoor any chick … That’s you!”



I asked 14-year old KEELY CLARK, Winner of the Taste of Edmonds’ Junior Idol Contest, if she had the opportunity to get up on Stage and encourage her peers to make better food choices, Organic Good Food Choices, how would she pitch it, how would she sing it.  She and her 12-year old Sister, Gabby, wrote the lyrics, and we put a track to it.  The COOL THING about It’s Your Beat! is that it’s a song written by TEENS for TEENS, PEER TO PEER. Not an Adult tellin’ a kid what to eat!

1a MUSICALthumbnail_52a


On Track 15, we have an old BLUES GUY who still doesn’t quite get it with his Oreo® Cookie Blues.  He’s then CORRECTED by our 11 year-old NIQUE NIQUE with Secret to Life: “I may be young but I know what’s right, Change Your Food and Change Your Life!”  And as MULTI-YEAR AWARD-WINNING BLUES MASTER, NICK VIGARINO,

1a NV Conway cccc

said, “OK, I’ll be the fall guy for the KID!”



SONGS from our GOOD LiViN CD CELEBRATING the JOY Organic Good Food Brings to LIFE have NOW been PLAYED & HEARD in EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD (195) + a US Territory, a British Crown Dependency, a French Overseas Department, Armed Forced Radio Europe & Pacific, ALL 50 States and Washington DC, attracting ‘Officially’ Registered FANS ‘round the World!

DLW: In the weeks following, again sometimes, you’ll spend the full half hour with me, your Good Food Guide, other times, with LIVE STUDIO GUESTS … Pastor Gary L. Wyatt SANG in the Studio and ‘The Good Doctor’ made a House Call … and CALL-IN GUESTS.  You’ll hear from THE UNCLE MATT HIMSELF, MATT MCLEAN of UNCLE MATT’S® ORGANIC Juices, from a young lady … must have been a child prodigy … who goes back to the roots of Organic Good Food, an Acupuncturist with NO OUCH, The INVENTOR of MIGHTY-O ORGANIC Donuts, Restaurateurs, Ranchers …and from our Designer Darling NINA MORGAN-JONES when she returns from the South of France …Organic Good Food has its GLAM ya know … check out her … YEAH, THAT’S!

Does The Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Radio Show bring you the most interesting GUESTS or WHAT!  You don’t EVER want to MISS an episode of The Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Radio Show … or you’ll be sorry … and you also won’t be as HEALTHY as you could be!

Change your food, change your life … begin LIVING The Organic Good Food Life and the rest of your life just may be the BEST of your life!  You’ll have no anxiety.  You’ll feel better than when you began … you’ll probably look better, have more energy and be a few pounds lighter!  WELL then, why not CHANGE YOUR FOOD … CHANGE YOUR LIFE!    FOREVER!!!!!! 

HONOR yourself by making 100% Organic Good Food Choices.  Make this commitment to yourself … accept nothing less than 100% Organic Good Food Choices from here on out.  And if you do, over the years you’ll thank yourself over and over again for having made THAT decision.

So, we wish each and every one of you in the Audience our very, very best … and that you may find your GOOD HEALTH and HAPPINESS as we have.  Thank you for listening. O’s UP, Baby!  To Your health!



To Your Health!

Dennis L. Weaver, MBA, GFG • Founder/President/Producer

Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™, Inc.


CELEBRATING Organic Good Foods @

GOOD LiViN’ RADIO – NOW PLAYING IN EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD (195) + a US Territory, a British Crown Dependency, a French Overseas Department, Armed Forced Radio Europe & Pacific, ALL 50 States and Washington DC, attracting ‘Officially’ Registered FANS ’round the WORLD!

1 acw

Just added: Streaming to 7M

1a Boomplay Music Logocme


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CATCH The Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™ Radio Show on RaininerAvenueRadio.World:

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TWITTER: @ChangeYourFood

State of The Art FOOD!


My Good Food Friends –

Am I working or vacationing?


Oh, yeah, I forgot for a moment … I’m working and hard, too, for my Good Food Friends, EATING & DRINKING my way through ExpoWEST to bring YOU The NEW  and The GOOD!

     3     4

This is an ‘Official’ Report!


THOUSANDS of Exhibitors and TENS OF THOUSANDS (75,000+) of Attendees! This is the only Conference & Trade Show at which you can actually gain weight! It’s Organic Good Foods upon Organic Good Foods: Chips, Dips, Salsas, Energy Bars, Juices, Sodas, Cheeses, Meats, Pizzas, Pastas, Soups, Cereals, Chocolate Bars, Lollipops, Cookies, Beers, Wines, Liquors and the occasional Carrot and some Kale. If you don’t keep your hand in your pocket, when you look down there’s some new Organic Good Food in it! DELISH  FUN! Oh, yeah, I forgot again that I was WORKING!

The day before I left for ExpoWEST, my GOOD Food Friend and CHANGE YOUR FOOD – CHANGE YOUR LIFE!™ GOOD LiViN’ CD Artist Ambassador, Pastor Gary L. Wyatt,, sent me this e-mail:

Sent: Mon, 7 Mar 2016 Subject: Umm umm good! To:

Dennis – I saw this at Walmart today and I thought I’d give it a try and guess what…it’s a big hit!


They knocked this out of the ballpark! I’m hooked! I’m a huge Suja fan! It’s umm umm good! I should’ve bought a case. If you run into these people in California tell them to ‘remember’ me!


Pastor Sent from Rev. Gary L Wyatt, Sr’s iPhone

I arrived at ExpoWEST and walked over to the Press Room to pick up my Credentials, and WHAT do I SEE … the Press Room is SPONSORED by SUJA!!!!



     8     9

And as you can just imagine, suja® and I looked after our FAVE Pastor: A high-quality, FUN canvas bag with suja® LOGOS and ART, FREE suja® Juice Coupons and a hand-full $1 Off Coupons!!!!! Oh, YEAH!

suja® Organic Cold-Pressured Juices & Smoothies • 855.879.7852 San Diego, CA


Sent: Fri 4/15/16 Subject: Cleansing •To: Dennis Weaver (‏

Dennis – It’s day 2 on the Suja Juice 3 day cleansing program and I’m gonna sing it like James Brown would sing it….I Feel Good!

Pastor Sent from Rev. Gary L Wyatt, Sr’s iPhone

And YES, the Press Corps is WELL TAKEN CARE OF! BAGS of FREE DELISH FOOD & DRINK!  (I’m soooo GLAD I’m a writer!)

10     11



‘nuff said!


three twins Ice cream™ • Find it near YOU: 707.763.8946 Petaluma, CA

PERFECTLY light & REFRESHING! lemon flower, mojo berry, ginger blossom summer pear, zesty orange. Very sophisticated. Very adult.


Sipp® • Matthew Amato National Account Manager 908.892.6806 Chester Springs, PA

MY life is COMPLETE! ORGANIC Beef Jerky!


Organic Valley® • CROPP Cooperative 608.625.6328 La Farge, WI

The Private Press Party on Friday night … THE Event! FOOD, DRINKS, FUN, and time for actual  CONVERSATIONS with the Organic Good Food Makers!

     16     17


                19           20

A DELISH break from Whole Grain Pastas: Red Lentil, Green Lentil, Chickpea, Adzuki Bean, Black Bean, Edamame & Mung Bean, Edamame, Soybean, Red Rice and Brown Rice Pastas and Noodles! And so the name: EXPLORE Cuisine.


     21     22

Explore™ CUISINE • Erika Wasserman Vice President of Marketing 203.885.4086 Red Bank, NJ

Good, simple, stoneground, crunchy whole grain Cereal. But THAT Package! WHAT goes with Cereal? MILK!


BACK TO THE ROOTS™ • www.backtotheroots.comJohn PagliaroSales Manager john@backtotheroots.com443.465.5924Oakland, CA

CHIA Seeds will do that to ya every time!


Natierra® • Christine Carter PR Account Executive 978.501.6047 Van Nuys, CA

A Good Food Friend of ours, Gage Mitchell, the very creative Co-Founder of MODERN SPECIES, a very hip BRANDING Company, was assigned this challenging  task: Their Client ALTER ECO® asked MODERN SPECIES to make something COOL out of their ALTER ECO® Quinoa Pouch Made From Compostable Materials.

Pouch packages are hugely popular—but they’re not recyclable, meaning they go straight to the landfill. The patent-pending packaging is made from birch and eucalyptus wood pulp, non-GMO corn and non-toxic ink. That’s nice, but so what. HOW do you get the public interested in compostables?

25            25a

26        27

28       28a

So, did ya notice? Did ya notice? Did ya notice?

Along with some FUN Tag Lines, Organic GOOD Food, a HAPPY Booth and some ENERGETIC People …

29     30


this is what it’ll get ya: A CROWD!

     32     33

ALTER ECO® • Mathieu Senard Co-founder & co-CEO 310.749.4050 San Francisco, CA

MODERN SPECIES • www.ModernSpecies.comGage MitchellCo-Founder 206.512.8899 Seattle, WA

     And right across the aisle … and at the same time!


Water UPGRADE! All with ‘REAL PEEL’: Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange. Low calorie, fresh squeezed juice, probiotics, cold pressed, high pressure processed.


You’ll remember we thought UNCLE MATT’S® Organic Orange Mango Juice was sooooo GOOD


that The Legendary Funk/Soul/Blues/R&B/Rock Band SEPTIMUS wrote a HIT bar song about it called The Mango Tango – Blame it on The Blend, baby! We’ll, I just might have to call SEPTIMUS again!  

UNCLE MATT’S® Organic • Glen Garrity National Sales Manager – JUICE 877.364.2028 Clermont, FL

PALEO, vegan, RAW, nut-free Snacks!

38      37

nūd fūd • Julia Kirouac, C.N.P., Holistic Nutritionist Founder 416.949.7601 Toronto, Canada

Everyone WANTS to be in the FUN @ GIGGLE™! FIZZY, GIGGLY FUN for Kids. ORANGERRIFIC & LEMONLICIOUS. 10 Calories. So, why wouldn’t a Kid want to jump right in on the FUN @ GIGGLE? She actually did just that: Stepped right in front of the camera!

39     40

GIGGLE™ Elle Kister CEO | Founder 888.552.2739 Newport Beach, CA


 “Food & Wine” noted “Jones is poised to snatch the Betty Crocker crown”  by making baking fun, cool and accessible to a new generation.

     43     42

     Did you SEE this combo: BROWNIE Mix and SALTED CARAMEL Frosting!


MISS JONES Baking Company • Sarah Jones Founder & CEO 817.713.6565 San Francisco, CA

Our AWARD-WINNING Good Food Friend, Torie Burke, YES, as in Torie & Howard, was so kind to display our Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™ Presents: GOOD LiViN’ CD Poster along with our FREE MUSIC GIFT CARDS. Many THANKS, Torie!


                          48           49


These nifty little candy purses were Featured by Martha Stewart for Easter! So, make a note for next year!


Did you know, if your melt a few of her d’anjou pear & cinnamon Hard Candies in a Bottle of Organic Vodka you’ll have one of the nicest infused Vodkas EVER!

Torie also introduced their new CHEWIE FRUITIES to rave reviews @ExpoWEST.  Which are now, by the way, in MANY Starbucks!


TORIE & HOWARD®www.torieandhoward.comTorie Burke Namesake & Founder 888.826.9554 New Milford, CT

Wonder WHY everyone is so HAPPY in all these pics? ANSWER: ‘Cause they’re talkin’ about Organic Good Foods!

Do I know how to pick ‘em, or what? These NEXTY’S are BIG DEALS! After all, our ORGANIC Good Food Friends are in COMPETITION with THOUSANDS of all kinds of foods!

51     52


And last year I found BOXED WATER IS BETTER® way up on the Third Floor. Thought it was VERY COOL. NOW, you can find it on Store shelves all across the USA!


Yeah, THAT Name is about right!


WHOLLY GUACAMOLE® 817.509.0626 Saginaw, TX

Our Good Food Friend, Arran Stephens, MR. Nature’s Path – NATURE’S PATH ORGANIC • • 888.808.9505 • Richmond, BC, Canada


let me take some aerial pics to “Show the folks back Home just how Popular Organic Good Foods are!”

57     57

58     59

60     61

Beautiful Show Booth! Comfortable & inviting … a MUCH APPRECIATED respite from the maddening crowds. And what a SMART Company Go Raw™ is.

62            63

They’re makin’ MONEY from FREE STUFF … Watermelon SEEDS. And to THINK we just threw ‘em away before!


Go Raw™ Mazen Rabah Vice President of Sales 513.767.7135 San Jose, CA

Upon my return to Seattle, I was having Dinner with my Good Food Friends, Kristin & Eric, of CROFTER’S® ORGANIC Fruit Spreads and I was telling Eric about these new ORGANIC PB&J Snack Sands without the crust  by LUV ME foods that I had discovered at ExpoWEST. Eric said his Wife, coincidently, had eaten some non-organic version of those PB&J’s, the only PB&J snack sans without the crust she could find when she didn’t want to make ‘em herself. Right at the table, Eric texted his Wife Her IMMEDIATE text back: “OMG!!!! BEST NEWS OF MY LIFE! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!!!”

      66      67

LUV ME foods • Richard Peña Brand Manager 805.358.0718 Walnut Creek, CA

Indra has traveled the World in search of these Regional Teas and the matching traditional Regional recipes. The brewing methods and authentic recipes have been enjoyed for Centuries. The Original INDIAN TEA™ is the original recipe handed down by Indra’s Grandmother.


life basics Organics • Indra Chatterjee Founder & CEO 224.535.0657 Deerfield, IL


71          72

European Gourmet Bakery  ORGANICS • Marcus Gordon National Sales Manager 818.307.0636 Norwalk, CT

CAPTAIN DRAKE’S main line is Organic Sugars. Well, they make Organic Sugar so GOOD they thought maybe they should start DRINKING some of it!



Look at his disappointment when told it was just for pictures and NOT HIS to take!


CAPTAIN DRAKE • Mark Anderson 952.484.2545 (Will LAUNCH soon! Get yourself to a Bar NOW!) Minneapolis, MN



Organic Valley® • www.OrganicValley.comCROPP Cooperative 608.625.3444 La Farge, WI

 Organic QUE PASA Tortilla Chips are ALWAYS the best value deal on the fair grounds! Their BIG 16-oz Bag was only $1.99 at Bartell Drugs!


Organic QUE PASA Tortilla Chips • 888.808.9505 Richmond, BC, Canada

The PAARTAY starts BEFORE the Sun goes down!

      77      78

      79     78a

      80     81

And what would a GOOD PARTY be without the need for Security!



To Your Health!

Dennis L. Weaver, MBA, GFG


Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™, Inc.


CELEBRATING Organic Good Foods @


86 87 88 89

Visit our Good Food Friends @

Anyway you want it!!!

CYF-CYL! GOOD LiViN' CD Poster - General

My Good Food Friends –  

We are so pleased that our CHANGE YOUR FOOD – CHANGE YOUR LIFE!™ Presents: GOOD LiViN’ Compilation CD Album is THE INNOVATIVE INSTRUMENT to directly reach the ears of eaters and inspire them to make The Organic Good Food Choice for their own GOOD HEALTH! We share the JOY Organic Good Foods bring to LIFE! Songs, unlike flyers, ads, essays and cook books, touch the soul, the emotional you.

It’s amazing where the Songs on our CD, CELEBRATING Organic Good Foods, have been heard on Jango Internet Radio just this past two weeks since their introduction!

Our GOOD LiViN’ CD puts The Organic Good Food News in ears, hearts and minds ‘round the World!

The CHANGE YOUR FOOD – CHANGE YOUR LIFE!™ Presents: GOOD LiViN’ Compilation CD Album

       1aCD Front  1aCD Back


From the PRODUCER  with Stories, Photos, Events and Reviews. ONLY Site that the CD, with Liner Notes, Lyrics and Photos, is available:

 1a amazon Digital Download

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1a am Streaming

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GOOD LiViN’ (Pop) AnnaMaria Pasley-Horn  At work

playing in a station with Madonna Australia playing in a station with Taylor Swift Israel playing in a station with The Black Eyed Peas Israel playing in a station with Taylor Swift Turkey playing in a station with Justin Bieber New Zealand playing in a station with Justin Bieber Canada playing in a station with Justin Bieber Indonesia playing in a station with P!nk West Virginia playing in a station with Justin Bieber North Carolina playing in a station with Justin Bieber Maine playing in a station with Justin Bieber California playing in a station with Taylor Swift Japan playing in a station with Rihanna Pakistan

GO-O (R&B) Gary L. Wyatt  Pastor Gary L. Wyatt - Just warmin' up!

playing in a station with Taylor Swift Guatemala playing in a station with Justin Bieber Indonesia playing in a station with Lady GaGa Connecticut playing in a station with Justin Bieber, Salina, Kansas

7 HOT Minutes of ‘Til My Change Comes – LIVE! (Gospel) Pastor Gary L. Wyatt & The Jackson Sistas with the SureHouse Band

Pastor Wyatt Pic resized

playing in a station with Katy Perry Israel playing in a station with Taylor Swift Slovakia playing in a station with Justin Bieber Republic of Korea playing in a station with Taylor Swift South Africa playing in a station with Madonna Costa Rica

GET UP!  (Pop with a little Jamaican beat!) Gary L. Wyatt & 5-Year Old Granddaughter, Nique Nique

Nique Nique  playing in a station with Justin Bieber Guatemala

Oreo® Cookie Blues (BLUES!) Nick Vigarino 1anvsafe_image

playing in a station with The Black Eyed Peas Singapore playing in a station with The Black Eyed Peas Mexico playing in a station with Justin Bieber Israel playing in a station with The Black Eyed Peas United Arab Emirates playing in a station with The Black Eyed Peas Japan

It’s Your Beat! (Teen Pop) Keely Clark  Change Your Food - Change Your Life! Artist Ambassador, KEELY CLARK

playing in a station with Lady GaGa United Kingdom playing in a station with Justin Bieber Philippines playing in a station with Justin Bieber Michigan playing in a station with Justin Bieber Philippines playing in a station with Justin Bieber Colorado

Don’t Buy The Lie! (Rap) Solomon Wyatt & The Sanctified Soldiers ATK-Dre, Tmac, K-Strat Solomon Wyatt & The Sanctified Solders ATK - Dre, Tmac, K-Strat - LIVE Seattle Center  playing in a station with P!nk Philippines

I Once Was Blind (Pop) Gary L. Wyatt  Change Your Food - Change Your Life! Artist Ambassador Gary L. Wyatt - LIVE

playing in a station with Rihanna Ecuador playing in a station with Lady GaGa Israel playing in a station with Justin Bieber United Kingdom

MaryJanesFarm (Country Jazz) Ellen Livesay  ELLEN LIVESAY ''MaryJanesFarm''

playing in a station with P!nk Israel playing in a station with The Black Eyed Peas Philippines playing in a station with John Mayer Philippines


To Your Health!

Dennis L. Weaver, MBA, GFG


Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™, Inc.


CELEBRATING Organic Good Foods @

1a ASmall

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