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I’m LOVIN’ my opening line on NINA’S ROMP @ CLARIDGE’S HOTEL, LONDON! Announcement: “If you follow our EVENTS, we have MUSIC, BANDS & GLAM!” (PS: Our Designer Darling NINA did too & sent her Dearest Dennis, “Thanks”, from London!)

As you scroll down though our recent previous EVENTS Announcements,, there’s our NINA, followed by our Multi-Year Blues Award Winner, NICK VIGARINO, then the “Official’ Band of Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™, SEPTIMUS, some ‘Cool Jazz’ by our ELLEN LIVESAY and a HOT new Gospel CD just Released by our PASTOR GARY L. WYATT!!!!

Now THAT’S a VERY, VERY COOL GATHERING of TALENT and ARTISTRY: The FUSION of FOOD, FUN, FASHION & FAITH by Change Your Food – Change Your Life!  I don’t know of any other coming together like it anywhere!

We make Organic Good Foods oh, so, FASHIONABLE!


1a NM-J Chiltrencw

Thu, Sep 21 @ 7:00 PM

Claridge’s Hotel, Brook Street, Mayfair London

CLARIDGE’S HOTEL, a 5-Star Luxury Hotel

1a afternoon-tea-mayfair-london CLARIDGES

If you follow our EVENTS, we have MUSIC, BANDS & GLAM!

Our Internationally Acclaimed – London, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, New York, HOLLYWOOD – Couture Fashion-Forward Designer Darling NINA MORGAN-JONES just returned from the South of France and opened a ‘By Appointment Only’ ROMP Studio/Showroom in Malibu.

But on September 21, you can shop her beautiful Paris Gauche Collection of Silks, Leathers, 70s & Rock n Roll @ the CLARIDGE’S HOTEL, LONDON!

Luxurious Italian materials, leathers, suedes, shearlings and silks. Made with the finest quality leathers and raw silks dyed with natural organic dyes. Beautiful craftsmanship and European fabrics are of the essence of ROMP.

Combining vintage inspired design with womanly styling, the ROMP clothing line is original and timeless, with its trademark hint of 70’s rock n roll Biba chic. ROMP pieces are forever investments.

Exquisite custom creations created with the individual client can be seen on film, TV and music videos.

“Awesome Biba inspired. Oozing femme fatale charm.” – LA Times.

“70’s disco dreamy-sophisticate vibe, the eroticism – the silks, the colors, the leathers…it’s all very me”. – Barbarella and the Angels

“ROMP is for women who care to celebrate the seduction of femininity whilst evoking a timeless effortless elegance”.

ROMP n ROLL, Baby!

RSVP essential 4 entry:

CLARIDGE’S HOTEL, Brook Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 4HR +44 (0)20 7629 8860


1a NBBW w DATE 2cwce-m

Saturday, September 23, 6-Midnight


1a nv22

“VIGARINO radiates an unpredictable fervor with slashing slide guitar, powerful vocals, funky licks, modern lyrics, and his ‘slop-jar delta funk’ blues. He consistently captures and then rivets listeners with precise, passionate performances.” – Jefferson Magazine (Sweden)

“You shouldn’t miss this NICK VIGARINO experience. It’s cut and dried – this guy kicks ass.”- Musician Magazine (NY)

Here’s Multi-Year BLUES Award Winner NICK VIGARINO havin’ some LATE NIGHT impromptu FUN:

And remember, NICK’S only recording of “Oreo® Cookie Blues” is available right here:  ‘Official’ Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™ BLUES!



SEPTIMUS: Two Brothers/Two Cousins, one Adopted Family Member.  Funk/Soul/Blues/Rock/R&B since 1968. One of the last ORIGINAL Seattle Bands TOGETHER & STILL STANDING.

‘Official’ Band of Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™

SEPTIMUS on the “BLUES TO DO” Show: On Left, Guitar, Motown recording Artist, Herman L. Brown, Center, Vocals/Keys and ULTRA HIGH-ENERGY FRONT MAN, Frank ‘Frankie B’ Brown, Right, Bass, Ron ‘They call him Junior’ Brown, Far Right, Guitar, Coleman ‘Bluesman’ Brown.

Here’s a little clip of Frankie B lightin’ up the STAGE with SEPTIMUS and the Wheedle’s Grove Band at the Moore Theater DELIVERING their patented “Five Minutes to Rock the House”:  And at MIDNIGHT Saturday night when Frankie B yells, “WHAT TIME IS IT!”, be prepared to be up on the chairs and tables for FIVE WILD MINUTES!!!!

Not ALL Funk. Here’s some LOVE: “Here I Go Again”:

And if you bring SEPTIMUS a jar of CROFTER’S® ORGANIC Blackberry Fruit Spread they just may play their NEW Bar HIT, “GIN & JAM”!


North Bend Blues Walk supported by Jazz ClubsNW

101 West North Bend Way, North Bend, WA 98045 802-266-0690



Saturday, September 30, 6 -9 PM


BLACK MESA WINERY was recently Voted ‘BEST OF TAOS 2017’ by the Readers of “The Taos News” and Named in ‘BEST NEW MEXICO WINERIES’ by Readers of the “Santa Fe Reporter”!

Our ‘Cool Jazz’ Vocalist, ELLEN LIVESAY, is performing with her Band, MESA, with a whole lot of new BLUES/ROCK material.  Her earlier ‘original’ Songs, “Sizzle for Me”, “MaryJanesFarm” and “I’d Like To Thank You” written & recorded for our GOOD LiViN’ Compilation CD Album, have been PLAYED & HEARD ‘round the World

ELLEN has attracted ‘Officially’ Registered FANS from Osaka Japan, Sydney Australia, Rwanda, Finland, Oman, Matale Sri Lanka, Willemstad Netherlands Antilles, Cuenca Ecuador, Prince Albert Saskatchewan Canada, Cape Town South Africa, Qatar, Basseterre Saint Kitts and Nevis, San Pedro Costa Rica, Lagos, Nigeria, Denmark, Medellín Columbia and yes, Holland MI, Portland OR, Midland TX, Churchville NY & Albuquerque NM, U.S.A.!

And NOW, ELLEN IS LIVE in her hometown, TAOS!  BE THERE!

You can pick up ELLEN’S recording of “Sizzle for Me”, “MaryJanesFarm” and “I’d Like To Thank You” on the GOOD LiViN’ CD directly from ELLEN with her AUTOGRAPH Saturday evening at BLACK MESA MINERY, or NOW @

BLACK MESA WINERY TASTING ROOM 241 Ledoux Street, Taos, NM 87571  575.758.1969


1a Legacy Cover-4cw

When my Good Food Friend and Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™ GOOD LiViN’ Artist Ambassador, Gary L. Wyatt, isn’t out Sharin’ The Organic Good Food News, he’s Praying for EACH & EVERY ONE OF YOU EVERY DAY!  Pastor Gary L. Wyatt is Saving & Nourishing the Physical Body AND Saving & Nourishing the Spiritual Soul.  NICE COMBO!!!!

Pastor Gary L. Wyatt is the Pastor of the baddest Church in Tacoma, SureHouse, 901 South 10th Street, Tacoma, WA 98405, where you ALWAYS FEEL BETTER WHEN YOU LEAVE THAN WHEN YOU ARRIVED!  And that’s how it’s supposed to work, isn’t it!

He has Written a few over a 1000 Songs and Produced and Performed a couple dozen CDs and DVDs.

On a recent Saturday morning, he sent out an early ‘preview’ of “Here To Praise” with Lyric Video from his new “LEGACY” CD

I wrote on his Facebook Page:

“Nothing better than a little ROCKIN’ PRAISE to start my Saturday mornin’!  Got me up & outta my chair and all ready and THANKFUL for a NEW DAY.  You just HEARD & SAW why I go to SureHouse … there’s FUN, ENTHUSIASM, EXCITEMENT, HIGH-ENERGY, FAMILY, LEADERSHIP, DIRECTION and APPRECIATION for what we’ve been GIVEN … LIFE, and that’s WHY, as the Song says, “We’re here to PRAISE”” – Dennis Weaver

Then I wrote him:

“CONGRATS, Pastor!


You’re absolutely up on LIFE and HOW you got THERE, and with your patented raw enthusiasm, INSPIRING OTHERS to JOIN IN!

And THANKS for the cameo!” – Dennis


12 UPLIFTING & INSPIRING Songs Composed by Pastor Gary L. Wyatt, Music Arranged by Dwight “Donyea” Goodman, Vocals Arranged by Kristle Murden.


What others have said:

“Yesss Awesome” – Veronica

“AMEN PASTOR!” – Chris

“Man of God, that was awesome, Gary!!” – James

“Wonderful song Pastor. Still on top or your Praise” – Gregory

“Hey man, you must send me a suit like that one you’re wearing!!!  That’s a bad suit!” – James

Change Your Food - Change Your Life! LOGO-Color

To Your Health!

Dennis L. Weaver, MBA, GFG • Founder/President/Producer

Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™, Inc.


CELEBRATING Organic Good Foods @

GOOD LiViN’ RADIO – NOW PLAYING IN 191 COUNTRIES with ‘Official’ FANS ’round the WORLD!

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Just added: Streaming to 7M

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TWO DAYS of Sharin’ The Organic Good Food NEWS!

My Good Food Friends –

Sharin’ The Organic Good Food News with The World!

Over just 2 DAYS we DELIVERED the Organic Good Food News LIVE to Taos, NM, with our ‘Cool Jazz’ Vocalist ELLEN LIVESAY @ BLACK MESA WINERY …


… to Kenmore, WA, with our Multi-Year Blues Award-Winning NICK VIGARINO @ CAPPS CLUB …

1a nv22

… and to 31 States & 54 Countries …

… Guyana, Morocco, West Virginia, Jordan, Thailand, Sweden, El Salvador, Malta, Mozambique, Macao, Australia, Washington, Qatar, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Maryland, Czech Republic, Bahrain, Ukraine, Florida, Singapore, Italy, Canada, Israel, Columbia, Michigan, Albania. Suriname, Jamaica, Uganda, Iowa, Uruguay, Honduras, South Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Mexico, Japan, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, California, South Korea, Japan, Belarus, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Delaware, Kuwait, Indiana, Oregon, Viet Nam, Ohio, Serbia, Austria, Indonesia, Netherlands, Taiwan, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, New Jersey, Bhutan, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Panama, Greece, Colorado, South Africa, Texas, Alabama, Hawaii, Brazil, New York, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Georgia, Chile, Minnesota, Nebraska, Missouri, North Carolina, Illinois, Dominican Republic, Maine, Maryland, Louisiana, Venezuela …

… with our GOOD LiViN’ CD

1aCD Frontcw

Keep up the O LOVE!

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To Your Health!

Dennis L. Weaver, MBA, GFG • Founder/President/Producer

Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™, Inc.


CELEBRATING Organic Good Foods @

GOOD LiViN’ RADIO – NOW PLAYING IN 191 COUNTRIES with ‘Official’ FANS ’round the WORLD!

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Just added: Streaming to 7M

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“Sizzle for Me”

ELLEN LIVESAY 'Sizzle for Me'

My Good Food Friends –

COMING SOON … A CELEBRATION in Song of making better food choices … ORGANIC Good Food Choices!

 Pop • Hip-Hop • R&B • Gospel • Teen Pop • Rap • Jazz

The CD Album DEDICATION: “Our Change Your Food – Change Your Life Artist Ambassadors hope that one of their songs catches your ear and makes that healthful difference in your life!” –

Dennis L. Weaver, Producer

CHANGE YOUR FOOD – CHANGE YOUR LIFE!™ Presents: GOOD LiViN’ Compilation Album CD

From The Play List!: Track 13: Sizzle for Me  3:41 Smoky Jazz

I had the good fortune to ENJOY a 100% Grass-Fed Organic Rib Eye Steak with my FAVE  Farmgirl, the DELIGHTFUL Erin Rosas,


at the BIG Ranch House Dinner Table of ROSAS FARMS. That Steak was soooooo good, prepared medium-rare to perfection  by Chef Al Rosas, The Organic Chef™,


that I asked our Change Your Food – Change Your Life! Artist Ambassador, ELLEN LIVESAY, a ‘Cool Jazz’ Vocalist from Taos, NM,

ELLEN LIVESAY 'Sizzle for Me'

to write a song about it called, Sizzle for Me.

We think Sizzle for Me  is ‘The HOTTEST Song in the Organic Good Food World’!

 What others have said about Sizzle for Me :

“I never knew that a song could make me feel soulful and hungry at the same time. It was great!! It has like you said, a Linda Ronstadt or Julie London feel to it.” – Frank

“Fun to get back after a difficult day and get into a bit of rib-eyed jazz. Loved the sound”. – Greg

“Love the way she sizzles!” – Sarah

“I love your style! Where’s my organic booze?” – Billie

“Ellen brought SEXY to organic!” – Raul

“succumb to a grass-fed organic ribeye.  So unexpected!  This will raise a lot of interest and eyebrows… it’ll get lots!  Happy Earth Day!” – Pablo

“uuuuuuummmmmmmm,uuuuuuummmmmmm, I guess i know what i’m having for dinner tonite a grass-fed organic ribeye!” – G2

“I’d call it ‘Best start to a HOT Organic Good Food Date!’ because that’s where we want ‘em to go!” – Your Good Food Friend, Miranda

“ooh I love her voice! Great song!” – Kathryn

“the sweet succulent sounds of real” – Anthony

“”hot” and “cool” at the same time! I’d rather like a bite, myself!”  – Stephen

“I’ve never heard Steak sound so Sexy!!  Seriously-what a great voice.” – NINA MORGAN-JONES. And NINA MORGAN-JONES, ‘Internationally Acclaimed’ – London, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, New York, HOLLYWOOD – Couture Fashion-Forward Designer Darling, KNOWS a little something about THAT SEXY  thing! ROMP London/HOLLYWOOD and NOW  ‘ROMP Boutique Presented  by Douek & Jones’ with a beautiful seafront Showroom 15 minutes from Cannes!

“After listening to Ellen’s Sizzle for Me, I wished I could have had a cigarette! – Michael

When the CD is released, Album and Tracks will be available on a newly constructed Web Site, iTunes and Amazon, in Select Retail Stores and in ‘a % of Sales’ supporting cause Fund Raising for Non-Profits and ‘Good Works’ Organizations.

Individual Tracks will also be available for Special Events Licensing to raise the Organic Good Food energy level at Store Openings, New Product Introductions, Product Sampling, Trade Shows and Newsletters.

NOW @changeyourfood & FacebookFollow the Artists, the Songs, the Stories, the Interviews, the Reviews, WIN the CD before it’s ‘Officially’ Released, WIN Merchandise, WIN an INVITE to the Release PAAARRTY !


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