My Good Food Friends –

The EVENT to support The Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network


Start with a very COOL Venue: Melrose Market Studios


Set a nice table.


Add The Award-Winning CHEF from Kaspars Catering


Add LOTS of Organic Good Food.


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Invite several hundred Good Food Friends.


Add the WARM Hospitality of Clara Duff (Center), Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network.


Add a well-known Children’s Book Author.




And you’ve got yourself a PAAARTAAY!

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Was it GOOD? Well, here’s PROOF!


ONE of The Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network’s Programs.


And ANOTHER one!


If necessary to make the point, they’ll dress as carrots and pea pods!!!! Is THAT a commitment or what! You just gotta LOVE ‘em!


THE SUCCESS  TEAM! LOOK what they accomplished on THEIR Legislative Day! Yes, a $5 Million Grant! Woohoo!!


A couple of underrated STARS right at home at an ORGANIC CELEBRATION! They DEFINE  Organic! George and Eiko Vojkovich, Founders/Ranchers/Educators, Skagit River Ranch


100% Grass-Fed Organic Wagyu and Angus Beef, Diggin’ & Rootin’ Pork, Sausage, Ham, BACON, Pastured Chicken, Eggs and Field Turkey.

As one reviewer said, “If that T-bone wasn’t food for the gods, I don’t know what is!”

 Here’s what a Skagit River Ranch BURGER will do for ya! (The BEST  Burger EVER  Party!)


My Good Food Friend and Author, Katherine Pryor, was soooo POLULAR I couldn’t even get in close enough to get a clear pic! CONGRATULATIONS to her!

27      28

NOW, remember the Title of this Story: “THIS is DELISH FUN(D)RAISING!

“The Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network is a nonprofit organization that uses education, organizing and advocacy to advance sustainable food and farming programs and policies in Washington State.

Our mission is to educate, organize and advocate for food and farming systems to become economically prosperous, ecologically sound and socially equitable.

 Our vision is a vibrant food and farming culture across Washington State. We envision empowered networks of individuals, farms, organizations, businesses, and institutions dedicated to sustainable agricultural practices, a fair and prosperous farming sector and access to healthy food for all.”

So here’s how YOU can make a commitment to support the obvious ‘good works’ of The Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network. Write ‘em a check and mail it in!


And then, OF COURSE, DESSERT!!!!

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A CD “Review” from THE ‘Makin’ Kids HAPPY’ EXPERT!


My Good Food Friends –

Katherine Pryor is SUCH FUN to be around.  I describe her as a walking CELEBRATION of LIFE!  No one CHEERIER!

Trouble with children ENJOYING Spinach? No problem! Katherine is Author of a delightful little children’s book, “Sylvia’s Spinach”.


      2a      1

Trouble with children WANTING to grow ZUCCHINI? Once again, no problem! Her SECOND Book, “Zora’s Zucchini”, was released this August.



Katherine teamed up with the Artist Illustrator from her first Book, Anna Raff, New York City, and Publisher, Readers To Eaters.

Here’s an entertaining Interview with Katherine on Food Sleuth Radio by Host Melinda Hemmelgarn, RD.

Katherine has a popular and much-in-demand  in-School reading-directly-to-the-Children Show to include her little red wagon FILLED with Spinach to tasteand they DO!  I’ve SEEN it!


The “Sylvia’s Spinach” story is so popular that now it’s in paperback to reduce the price to help get its GOOD EATING Message into even wider distribution.

So, that’s two down, S & Z, and 24 more to go. She’ll have her own Fruit and Vegetable Library.  STAY TUNED!

I know Katherine, and HER  HAPPINESS and THEIR  HAPPINESS is not made up for this pic! It’s REAL!!!! She does that to KIDS!


Katherine’s review of our soon-to-be-released “CHANGE YOUR FOOD – CHANGE YOUR LIFE!™ Presents: GOOD LiViN’” Compilation CD Album:

“Hi Dennis,

I finally had a chance to listen to the whole CD in one sitting this weekend. My husband & I listened to it on a drive out to a friend’s house in Redmond, which seemed perfect, as I imagine a lot of people will listen to it while driving!

When I first held the CYF-CYL CD in my hands, I wondered how on earth all those different artists and genres would possibly fit together, but you’ve done it! The album is a celebration of life and the feel-good power of real food. The artists deliver their message with passion, humor, and the conviction of converts who’ve seen the dark side of industrial food but who can finally see the light.

WARNING: GOOD LiViN’  was so darn infectious I was still singing along hours after the music stopped. Then again, that’s the kind of viral message we need to be spreading!

GOOD LiViN’  is my FAVORITE song on the album, although Pastor Wyatt with ‘Til My Change Comes is a close runner-up!

GOOD LiViN’ – LIVE! and 7 HOT MINUTES of ‘Til My Change Comes – LIVE!” — both are incredibly powerful.

I’ve thought a lot about how I would “review” this for you, and hope you know how seriously I’ve taken this. I believe in what you’re doing & am so, so impressed at your vision and the talent of all it took to create this.”

Katherine Pryor

8      9


“Sylvia’s Spinach”   “Zora’s Zucchini”

Connect with Katherine on Twitter  Instagram  @ReadYourGreens

Follow Sylvia’s Spinach & Zora’s Zucchini on Facebook



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