ORGANICS in a Bar?

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My Good Food Friends –

A recent appearance by The Legendary  Funk/Soul/Blues/R&B/Rock Band, SEPTIMUS, the ‘Official’ Band of Change Your Food – Change Your Life! … having FUN with ORGANIC Good Foods & Juices everywhere they go!

Back by popular demand, SEPTIMUS returned to Capitol Cider for ANOTHER rockin’  evening!



Capitol Cider’s Showroom has an intimate, Vegas Lounge Show  feel to it.  It’s as though you have your own personal Band playing right to you. GREAT Venue.

More than once, SEPTIMUS brought ‘em to their feet with Lively Up Yourself  (Bob Marley), Early In The Morning  (Gap Band), How Do U Want It  (Tupac) and Coleman Brown, Vocals with a loooooong Guitar riff in I’m a Man  (Muddy Waters), destroyed the place!


Then of course, Frankie B asks, “Anyone here eat Organic Good Foods?”  And just one or two people raised their hand.  “We’re workin’ on a little GIN & JAM  for CROFTER’S® ORGANIC and we’ll be playing The Mango Tango  later tonight, our new Bar HIT!  That’s why you see Bottles of UNCLE MATT’S® Organic Orange Mango Juice up here on Stage WITH US!  Eat Organic, eat good, eat healthy, look good!  OK?  Right!”



And YEAH, they DRINK what they SING!

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I saw at least a couple dozen people taking Videos throughout the evening.  So whoever they shared them with, or posted to sites, VIEWERS will SEE those ORANGE Bottles of UNCLE MATT’S® Organic Orange Mango Juice glowing brightly … in EVERY SCENE!


To Your Health!

Dennis L. Weaver, MBA, GFG


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